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Biceps Curl Rep Range Dilemma


I usually do 6 sets of bicep curls - 60 reps, then 55, 50, 45, 40 and then 35.

I recently realised that I was probably doing it wrong as biceps respond more to higher weights and lower reps, so I decided to switch it up a bit. I do for 3 sets for endurance (60 curls, then 55, then 50, same as before) - but for the second set of 3 I add as many weight plates as I can in order to do higher weights and less reps. However, I can still manage 30, then 25, and then 20 before failure. I can’t make my dumbells heavier. According to what I looked up on the internet, I should be doing more like 8-12 reps, and now I’m worried I won’t see growth doing the higher number that I currently do. Is there anything I can do to make bicep curls harder, or an alternative exercise that hits the biceps harder? Any advice would be appreciated.

Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.

What does the rest of your strength training look like?

And what are you hoping to achieve?

I seriously doubt if you are going to see much growth, if any, using that little resistance. You’d be better off using a set of bands which you could get for around $20.

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You can do curls kind of like inverted rows off of table edges, etc. That’s pretty tough!

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What style of dumbbells do you have? (A picture is probably easiest)

There’s a lot of curls to search out. Try concentration curls, or zottman curls. If you have a bench try incline curls or spider curls. Stick your elbows way behind you and do dumbbell drag curls. Lean forward and try Arnold Curls. If nobody is looking do waiter curls.


How heavy are your dumbbells?

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Do your curls slower. Go up slow, maybe pause halfway up, hold and squeeze for a few slow seconds at the top, go down very slow…you get the idea.

How big are you? Not to be one of those people bashing curls but maybe chinups would provide some good stimulus if you don’t have heavy weights.

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Will try that, thanks!

Actually, I bought and installed a chin up/pull up bar 4 days ago! Only used it once but it seemed more than sturdy enough to hold my weight as I’m not a big guy at all.

I’m not at home right now but will find out when home in a day or so! Thanks

Looking to achieve hypertrophy ideally. I work pull-ups and chinups into my routine as well to help the biceps along. Sometimes some lat-pull down too :slight_smile:

Your rep range is ridicules

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My thoughts are that you shouldn’t waste your time doing dumbbell curls for that kind of rep range, and focus on the calisthenics if you can’t get access to more weight.

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You could push and pull a countertop and probably get more hypertophy. With that rep range you are building endurance.

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