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Biceps Cramp Up After Isolation Exercises


Whenever I use isolation exercises to train my biceps they cramp up when I flex the muscle for days afterwards. Even driving will cause the cramping. I tried drinking more water, taking more potasium without success. So I've just been doing compound exercises for back. I have pretty good biceps, but I'd like them to be better of course.

Has anyone had this issue, if so what did you do about it? Maybe it would help to stretch them more before and after I isolate? The cramping is very painful.

  • Adam


Mineral deficiences? I'd try taking a chelated Magnesium and Zinc supp before bed. As much as you can tolerate. Are you on a low carb diet? If so get more carbs in and around training time. How much sleep do you get? Do you recover OK in other muscle groups?


Train them more often. They arent used to the work.


Maybe twice a week?


Yeah that sounds good


Split the work though, don't do twice as much :slight_smile:

I had this with forearms. Wasn't used to doing reverse wrist curls, reverse curls and hammer curls in the same training session and cramped up while doing simple shit like writing!
For two weeks I just did one exercise a day, instead of the three exercises in two sessions. Worked like a charm and slowly I built up to the three exercises twice per week.

Biceps should be no different.

good luck.


Are you going low carb, avoiding salt?


Nope, regular eating, I don't put salt on my food, but I also don't avoid food with salt in it.

I tried drinking more water, potassium..

This only happens with biceps..and when i train legs really hard then do sprints on the same day.