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Biceps Boost

Although I am mainly interested in power and speed, I do enjoy having a well-rounded and aesthetic physique.
Now that I’m on a cycle which includes injectible testosterone cyp. I am tempted to shoot my biceps. They are one of the only poor responding muscles I have.
I have blasted them in every fashion known, but can never get them bigger than 18.5 inch circumference. My triceps make-up most of my arm size since I’m a powerlifter.
One of the things that worries me is infection. I’ve heard tons of horror stories of people having their arms amputated because of infection. My technique is very good, with attention paid to cleanliness and sterility. I will use a vial that I’ve used prior to shoot in other areas like the glutes so I know the stuff is clean before shooting bi’s.
Do you guys think there is any possibility of permanent size increase due to stretching the fascia? Or is that whole fascia stretching phenomenon a myth.

Site injections are not a myth, but the oil is not going to work. You need to use synthol to achieve a lasting effect. The individuals who do this, utilize daily protocols of injecting - injecting ever-increasing amounts of oil in different sections of their bicepts - for example lower outer head, lower innerhead, upper outer head, outer inner head. These injections have to be made deep to the bottom of the muscle belly, where they actually push the muscle outward.

Injecting steroids in sites does not cause localized growth, as I am sure you know.

I wouldn’t recomend site injections, as for the obvious dangers of injecting dirty fluid, and of course the fact that a good portion of that crap eventually has to be filtered by your kidneys.

Not to mention of course that site enhanced bicepts look like sh!t as they always look flexed - even when your arm is straight.

My advice is if you are dead set in your ways, do a lot of research in this area before you proceed. Right now, doing what you are doing is not going to have any lasting effect on your bicepts, besides local soreness and some temporary inflamation.

But know the risks. - Are you willing to jeopardize your health just for a pair of freakishly disgusting biceps? Your call.

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Synthol is NOT something you want to use unless you are seriously thinking it will help bring you close to getting some decent prize $ as a comp. BB. Even then it’s probably a really bad choice. You’re going to do whatever you want but since you kinda asked for some opinions, I say it’s a really stupid thing to do.

In terms of using gear for site enhancement? I’m going to agree with p-22, although some people speculate esterless gear might work in that way. Not too sure. As for igf-1, I’ve pinned my bi’s with it a few times and can’t say I was impressed long term, just temporary swelling.

This is one thing I am personally against. It’s one thing in BB to use a little AAS to encourge nitrogen retention within the muscles. essencially however it is the hard work, - carefully thought out and executed training programs, along with nutrition, along with genetics that is responsible for the shape of the physique.

When you start doing site injections, I believe this is contradictory to what bodybuilding is all about. Why not just get silicone implants then like valentino?

Isn’t BB about the training or the means as much as it is about the physique/ end?

Just some food for thought.