Bicep Vein

I see a lot of pictures of people that have a distinct vein down their biceps. I don’t have this even though I have well trained biceps. Is this due to BF% or does some people just not have this? I can see veins in my arms just not the big one down the bicep. I like this look and want it. Is there a way to promote it to stick out? Any suggestions?

Yes, it’s BF. You may need to get leaner than most to see it, but it is indeed there. When you start seeing them on your stomach and thighs, you’ll know you’re lean enough.

Whether I’m at less than 10 percent or even up to 16 percent bodyfat, I still have that vein. I don’t think it’s necesarily bodyfat levels. I think some veins just protrude more so in certain people. Arms, head, chest, etc, I’ve seen different veins in different people of average bodyfat.

I’ve got a vein on both biceps. It’s more prevalent on my left bicep, however. I also got them veins on my abs; especially obliques, lower abs and there’s one that’s right to the left of my belly button. Oh yeah: it’s due to BF%.

I think it’s a combination of both BF and genetics. Some people are definitely more vascular than others, but the veins really pop out at lower BF levels, even in those people.

It’s BF and genetics. Some people are very ‘veiny’ and some aren’t. Everyone has the same veins, but it all depends on how you are put together if it will pop out or not.

i agree, both bf% and genetics. I’ve got it on my left bicep but barely on the right.

I’ve read that it had to do with blood pressure? Is that possible?

Well, blood pressure helps some too. My ‘best’ vein is on my right forearm, even with higher BF it is visible, but when I drop it gets really big. After I lift it sticks out extra far and turns purple…

It’s not necessarily blood pressure. More like the veins getting bigger and popping out more from blood demand.

Some people just have their veins closer to the surface. Of course, training helps especially if you do forearms and biceps. I always have had a network of veins visible in my forearms, and the one in my biceps popped out during chinup series of Meltdown 1, even though I was nowhere close 10%. Blood pressure does not seem to have any effect because I have actually lowered mine (shed some weight) but the veins stand out more now.

Thank you for your replys.

I have been hitting the weights hard trying to prompt the veins to come out. I will try upping my chin-ups and see what happens. I also am having a hard time lowering my BF. I have the motivation to put the work in lifting but when it comes to diet it falls apart daily. Up until 3 years ago I was 7% no matter what I ate and I took it for granted. Any ideas to get myself psyched to change my diet?

Man, I hope blood pressure has nothing to do with it. Imagine some 14 year old kid reading this: “So that’s the secret, got to get my blood pressure up if I want veins all over.” That’d be a nightmare…

Hi, there, ShadowBoxer. I did a search on “vascularity” here on the forum and found some pretty interesting discussions. You might want to give it a go.

Re diet motivation, unfortunately, it comes from within. The things that push our buttons are different for each of us. For me, it was just hitting rock bottom. The scale just kept going up. I didn’t care what I had to do, what price I had to pay, how hard I had to work, how much I had to starve. I had just reached that point.

Mostly, stay involved. Read up on diet here on the forum and in the article archive until you find something that works for you.

But the single most important thing you can do regarding your diet? Keep a food log and track the food you put into your mouth. You find yourself not wanting to eat out as much (because you don’t know the macronutrient breakdown or the calories). You stop snacking out of boxes. You start eating cleaner. The list of benefits goes on and on. Plus with precise information on your diet, you can draw upon the knowledge and wisdom of the T-Nation.

Bottom line, you’ve got the work ethic. You’re putting in the time. But with a layer of fat, no one (including yourself) will be able to appreciate it. Diet is 80%. Working out and cardio, MAYBE 15%. Supplementation MAYBE 5%. Put your time and energy into what’s going to give you the greatest return.

Good luck to you!!!