Bicep Training

In the interview you did for this weeks article, you recommend intra-set contrasting.

Can you expand on this? Why is this method better than conventional workout sets?

Why is it better? More complete fiber recuitment. Varying neuromuscular output (it is proven that eccentrics and concentric actions have a different motor pattern and that fast and slow reps also have a different recuitement pattern). So you basically have a more profound training effect.

Would intra-set contrasting benefit all bicep movements, if one is looking for size gains?

And would intra-set contrasting benefit multi joint exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press etc…?

I’ve used intra-set contrast on compound movements. I find that they are especially useful for beginners to learn the proper lifting technique while starting to introduce the concept of lifting explosively.

It is also effective to build muscle mass, so it’s a good technique to use for bodybuilders. But not so much for athletes and powerlifters which are reasonably advanced.

Could a 30sec isometric hold on the last rep of each set and a max duration iso hold on the last rep of the last set
(in the extreme position) facilitate this recovery and stretch effect? And could a long eccentric(6-10sec)?

CT, on compound movements, do you ever recommend a similar IC method as you mention in regard to biceps:

reps 1 and 2–604
reps 3 and 4–explosive,

Or something perhaps closer to the contrast training article you posted on the forum way back, in which load was quickly lowered and raised during the set?