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Bicep Training Question

Hey guys this is kinda a dumb question but I was just thinking about it while I was training…Okay, when you are training biceps, do you want to be “tensed” up throughout your upper body during any type of curl(oly bar, ez curl, DB, hammers, etc.)? I ask that b/c I tend to have my chest, lats, and shoulders fairly contracted while I am performing any type of curl… Is this a bad thing and should I be trying to keep the rest of my body relaxed during curls?

that’s normal bro. if you weren’t tensed up i would think something was wrong with you. some people even try to contract their “core” muscles during most all lifts to increase their strength (ala pavel). i have tried it on ocassion and it seems to work. it’s too much for my feeble mind to concentrate on though, so i just concentrate on the lift and let whatever happens happen. kevo

I generally keep my upper body tensed up to strive for perfect form (when I do the standing variety) I don’t do the this body swaying garbage alot of teenagers and built doofuses seem to do. If anyone looks at the side, the range of motion is very little, so more weight can be thrown doing it wrong. So if you’d like, make all bicep work seated, so the muscle can to the work, just a personal preference. No flames from me, I’m a grownup.

Yes, contract everything. Lats, pecs, abs, thighs, wrists, etc. It works wonders for form and strength.

If you didn’t tense up you’d fall over.

I always keep my entire upper body tight when doing curls. I also concentrate on my abs. Keeping your abs, and therefore your other “girdle” muscles tight will enable you to handle more weight without cheating. I try to move nothing except my lower arms, and the above seems to help.