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Bicep Tendonitis

So as fate would have it, I have been hit with a mild case of bicep tendonitis in my right arm. Ibruprofen helps but I have a meet in 3 weeks time. How to proceed?

The main thing I am concerned about is deadlifts. I always do mixed grip, with the RIGHT hand being my underhand grip (the side with the tendonitis). As a result, I am a little nervous using the mixed grip on max effort sets.

I have some knee wraps and I hear wrapping the bicep tendon could be a good way to train trough it for now or switching to hook grip? (but I have never done hook grip so this close to the meet I am not sure?)

In a bit of a pickle so it would be great to hear from you guys what steps I could make the next three weeks.

Pumping myself with ibruprofen would help but its not gonna prevent a tear if I do mix grip with some tendonitis.

Many thanks!

Is this in the elbow or shoulder?

If elbow, you’ll probably find that massage, finger extension (stick your hand in a bucketfull of sand and extend fingers 3x10) and wrist extension do wonders.

If you are like me, the deadlift doesn’t cause issues. Generally bench aggrevates it for me (bar too far back in my hand). Wrist wraps make a huge difference.

at the elbow on the inner side.

That sounds like medial epicondylitis, AKA golfers elbow. I used to have that on my right arm and now and then it irritates me a little bit, I think it’s mostly from using my right arm so much at work. One thing I found that helps is myofascial release on the muscles in the surrounding area, I use a lacrosse ball or sometimes push my arm into the back rest of a wooden chair (sounds weird but it works).
There is also a video on this on the Muscle Doc youtube channel, he has a thing that is kind of like a shoulder dislocation with a broomstick. My shoulders just can’t bend that way so I just tried twisting my arm into the end position of his exercise, it helps a bit but doesn’t feel great on the shoulders. You could look into that. The problem with some of these so-called mobility experts is that their exercises can fix one thing and cause another so be careful.