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bicep tendonitis

Any body have info they would like to share on bicep tendonitis.I have the pain in left arm only.Pain has been off and on for about 1 year.Pain is worst when doing chin ups palms facing away from body.Was almost pain free until I did a set of chins to failure.Any input would be helpful.

Pat, I had the same exact problem. Hurt my right bicep brachiallis doing wide pull ups. I believe it was caused by a imbalance in the bicep muscle accompanied by overuse. How did I fix it? ummmmmm

First thing you need to do is rest it, that means no bicep or back work for 1 ~ 2 entire weeks. Ice it as much as possible, rub an ice cube right on the spot until numb, then stop.

After your rest period do a routine with only the basic exercises, squats, deadlifts,under hand chins, db presses, ect… Lay off any single joint exercises for the biceps, which is basically any bicep exercise. Don’t sweat it, your bi’s won’t shrink.

If any exercise aggrevates your injured bicep DON’T FUCKEN DO IT. It will never heal if you keep beating it up. After your 2 weeks off find a chiropracter that performs ART. See him and he can help you a great deal. I own a sub shop in NY and my chiropracter Dr. Goshorn gives me some quick ART as a trade for lunch when he comes for lunch. Remember this, you must be smart when training like a T-Man, knowing when to lay off is as important as knowing when to step on the gas.

I have learned it the hard way. Good luck, DOOCH ps click here to provide a ART specialist in your area http://activerelease.net/locator/

dooch was right on the money, i would also suggest to go see a medical doctor and get some perscription anti-inflamitories like daypro or bextra. Tell him not to give you the run around and that you need the perscription. My general doctor made me wait 3 weeks so then i could see the damn orthopedist who now has giving me another referal to see the rehabilitation center. good luck, laters pk

Same problem in my right arm/shoulder. It gets aggravated with benching, flyes and sometimes from certain shoulder exercises or biceps excercises. I went through PT with little help. I also had deep-tissue massage, which helped, but not enough. I had to stop benching for quite some time and also used Don Alessi’s “booming biceps” article to help correct a muscle imbalance. That made a tremendous difference since it called for more external rotator work. So make sure you strengthen the external rotators. Chins and benches will work the internal rotators too much and cause an imbalance which leads to biceps tendonitis. Also, whenever you do have pain, ice the area. That will help ease the pain. Get massage therapy, PT or A.R.T. (if you’re lucky enough to have someone who does it in your area). Lay off the exercises that hurt and find something else to do to work those muscles. And work those external rotators!

I was having trouble with tendonitis in my left wrist…it hurt like hell only when I was doing curls with a barbell or EZCurl bar. I’ve learned what aggrevates it and avoid those exercises. I’ve also been seeing an ART practitioner for it, and it’s getting much better. I’ve found that a liberal application of Absorbine Jr. right before bed will work wonders for the pain.

I start getting pain there and in my elbows if I’ve been lifting for about 8 weeks straight. Once the pain starts getting bad I know that it is time for a week or so break.

I agree with the other posters on this. I have more injuries than I care to discuss, but it was only recently that I started to do something about them. ART is something that I can’t recommend enough. I am having it done on my tri at the elbow where it has been problematic for several years and one sessionsdid the trick- no kidding. Lay off the training for a bit and get some ART and I will even suggest that you avoid drugs to begin with. If you can take care of this without drugs, you will be better off.

thanks for the input everybody.I’m an hour from vegas and will try to find a.r.t. doc there.any referals would be appreciated.

Go to www.activerelease.com and use the provider locator.