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Bicep Tendonitis.... Maybe?


Maybe some of you smarter AT/PT/MD types can solve the mystery. At rest, I've developed this very dull pain in my R shoulder and forearm. Hardly a bother, but noticeable. Hammer curls are relatively painful on that arm but less with each set. The kicker is that during mixed grip deadlifts w/500+ lbs., I feel no pain at all during and for a good 6-8 hours following training. Seems like plain old tendonitis, but I'm still very cautious about a tear. Fire away w/thoughts (I've already got squats and milk covered).


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Need more info, are hammer curls the only painful motion? Do you alternate your grip on each hand for each set, or are you always pronated/supinated on the same side? Next to impossible to say whether or not it's tendonitis or a tear without seeing you in person too though. Any other painful motions? Previous history of shoulder/forearm problems? Have you done any soft tissue work?


Yep, hammers seem to be the ones that cause the most pain. And yes, I can certainly discontinue them but was doing light sets more as a test. I alternate grip on every DL set and no history of problems. Good mention of the soft tissue work and maybe time to start adding that in. Thx


Thx BBB. It's not by any means slowing down progress on the big 3, so not a huge deal. More of a curiosity thing, since I can do weighted chinups w/no problems, but hammer curls are rough on the forearm. Again, thx.


I had the same thought as BBB with brachialis, I might throw in brachioradialis as well.


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I don't want to hijack this thread. I've sent you a friend request and PM'd you. Can you give me a shout I have a question I need to ask in private.



I gotcha...tough to get real specific when it's via internet forum and not in front of you in the office though:) Yeah I PM'd you too a bit back, then I read your PM function is screwy, any word on that?