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Bicep Tendonitis from Squatting (Low Bar)

Hello everyone

Ever since switching to low bar squats I have been getting bicep tendonitis, bad enough to where it is impossible to bench press after I squat.

The pain is on the portion of the bicep that is closest to the pec minor, close to the shoulder. The main issue this causes is an inability to do bench pressing effectively (I can’t lower the bar without extreme pain) but pressing it up is fine.

When I just switched to low bar I had pain all the way from my wrist to my shoulders (forarem, elbow, biceps, shoulder pain), all of the other pains have gone away but biceps still get torn up…

Any suggestions?


Post a video of squatting.

Possibly your grip is too narrow. That’s my only guess right now without seeing a video.

It is common to have shoulder and elbow pain simultaneously.

Go to YouTube and type in Mark Rippetoe - Squat bar position.