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Bicep Tendon Tear/Strain


I was doing a two hand cable preacher curl, finished my set and decided to do a rest pause. After resting three seconds with my shoulder blades protracted leaning forward over the bench I curled the weight up again. It was about my 8rm. I heard a snap and crackle in my left shoulder. When I placed the weight down I felt another crack in my shoulder and from then it has been feeling a little unstable with a dull ache. I can move it everywhere but it feels unstable and painful if I stretch my chest on the right side or place my elbow behind my body at all.

What can I do to fix it? Any rehab/prehab moves I should be working on and any idea what may have caused it?


Start by determining how bad the injury is. You need to go to a Doctor. Do you have a odd lump in the bicep? Any discoloration? Have you been having any other problems in that shoulder lately? Usually that noise is exactly what you suspect. There are any number of options for dealing with it, depending on the particulars. Get it looked at.


^ This!

Also, where is your pain located specifically? And why allow your scapula to go into protraction during the exercise? That just leaves your shoulders in a very compromised position...


I went to the physio today. He said that it wasn't my bicep tendon. I just aggravated some ligaments and soft tissue at the front of my shoulder. I need to avoid pushing for a while and it should heal in about 6 weeks..

Thanks for the advice. Yeah I am definitely going to keep my shoulder blades retracted when curling anything from now on..