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Bicep Tendinitis and 531

I have bicep tendinitis and my physical therapist was ok with me training for a meet but after the meet he wants me to take 4-6 weeks off from pressing movements to let the inflammation go down then go into beching with boards/sling shot then progress into normal benching again, until that time should I squat 2x a week and deadlift 1x then have a conditioning day? I have 4 days a week to train

For what it’s worth, I hurt my shoulder at work and was told to take 4 weeks off of using my shoulder. I’ve been doing a leg program, Monday will be the second week, and doing upper body as best I can to maintain 1x a week. I have been doing safety bar squats in place of back squats and zercher squats in place of front squats. They don’t hurt my shoulder. But I think it would be a good idea to hit legs hard for the time you can’t train pressing movements. Quite a few people on here do that when injured.

Bicep tendonitis and your doctor tells you it’s ok to squat? Seriously?

Get a SSB bar and live on that thing until the pain goes away.


Squatting is the thing that makes the inside of of my elbow hurt if I keep my hands too close on for long enough. Try widening hands or another bar if you have access.