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Bicep Tear, Rehab or Surgery?


I'm 39 years old and in good shape with a good build. Been lifting running biking for years. Winter time I bulk up and summer I cut up. A week and two days ago playing softball I tore my bicep muscle from my shoulder around my shoulder area.

My bicep is a big bulky looking bicep now. Not much pain and no bruising. My shoulder feels fine but at times with quick movement have pain. Went to er and they called my ortho guy then days later went to my ortho guy.

This dortho doctor has worked on me several times with things and I always trusted he knew what he was doing. He took 5 minutes and looked at me with no MRI and said yep thats what I figured.

Told me I could do surgery or rehab. Surgery I would be a month of no movement then maybe two months of rehab. Just doing strictly rehab I would be down about 4-6 weeks and then back to mostly normal strength but my bicep would look bulky because I didn't fix the tear.

My rehab would work on getting other muscles around my bicep and shoulder to take over for my torn bicep muscle. I'm really active right now with races being biking triathalons. Heck I have one this weekend I'm doing.

I thought of the matter in the simplest of form and thought why do surgery and have that down time for the summer. I figured just do the rehabd and and get the other muscles working and take over for my bicep.

Sure might loose some strength and would have this funky looking bicep but wouldn't have to go through the surgery ordeal. Also I only have so much time I can use to be off work and still get paid. So I decided just rehab.

3 days after my injury I'm in the rehab department and they go over workouts to get my other muscles working to take over for my bicep. I can actually still go into the gym and lift evyerthing else still pretty good but for now taking it easy with lights weights. Just can't do that normal bicep curl.

My rehab is to get my other bicep muscles to take over for my bicep muscle that is tore and also to build up my other muscles left in my rotary cuff seeing some are missing now. Again my injury was about a week ago.

After researching on the net and talking to some people asking why no get it fixed I started thinking to myself maybe the surgery is the better choice. It listening to the ortho doc it sounded like rehab was a easier option with no down time but would have this funky looking bicep.

I was wondering if anyone out there had any similiar scenarios where they didn't do the surgery and how long term effects are effecting them. Any thoughts or bashing or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks...


I’m all for returning the muscle to NORMAL function unless you have no other choice. That sounds like surgery to me.


I’m going back into ortho Mon and getting a 2nd opinion from a different doctor. Also the more I think about it the more I’m going to get the surgery. I’m in pretty good shape so I guess I should bounce back pretty good and hopefully quickly. I just hate being down and out. I had several races I was going to be doing over the next month but looking at the matter in long term what’s a couple of months compared to long term pain and so forth. Guess I work those legs out while the arm is slinged up.