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Bicep Strength

I am right-handed, therefore my left bicep is much weaker than my right. I am looking for suggestions on ways to increase the strength in my left bicep to match or come close to the strength I have in my right bicep. Any ideas or exercises that may work? Thanks.

Not to sound like a smart ass, but… stop working out your right until your left catches up. I know, the idea of not working it out is scary, but think of balance and asthetics.

I have the same problem. Compound that problem by playing piano, which tends to be more right hand dominant (right hand plays the melody, left hand merely supporting harmonies) AND violin (right arm does the bowing while the left hand merely supports the violin and puts the fingers on the correct positions for any given music). :-/

I train my biceps with dumb bells so that both sides have to work with the same weight for the same number of reps, no right side helping the left side. I think Ian King addressed this issue (imbalance) in one of his Q&A articles called HEAVY METAL. You might want to check that out.

…also, stick to dumbells for awhile… do the left arm first, if you can only do…say… 8 reps with the left, just do 8 with the right… just be patient and give it some time… also, (and i’m sure you do, we all do…) when you flex your right bicep to see how big it is in the mirror, make a conscious effort to do the same with the left…

wierd. i guess i am that is. when i do my biceps workout, my right always fails before my left, and i am right handed… dunno, could be some of that extracurricular activity… j/k

I had that problem too. Due to an eye dominance thing I shoot a left handed bow. As I practiced and shot more often in preparation for the hunting season I noticed that my left bicep passed my right in strength. The only thing I did differently was shoot the bow. So using that as an example, increase the workload on the weak bicep above what the strong bicep does. Add one or two extra sets of dumbbell curls for just that arm for a while. Or take up archery if you shoot left handed…:slight_smile:

Train with dumbells.

start doing more every day things with your left like carrying groceries.this will teach your left coordination and make it stronger.

Had the same problem when I first started working out (both strength AND size). Solved it by adding an extra set of curls for my left arm, and trying to do as many daily activities as possible with my left hand. This is frustrating at first, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly you become more ambidextrous if you just stick with it for a while.

There are really 2 possiblities, one your right bicep is stronger and therefore gets a few extra reps (or pounds, if doing a bb exercise) in every workout-in that case you can stop working out your right for a while and only do left, or do more reps/sets for your left bicep. The other possibility (try the first method 1st!) is that you have a neuroligal imbalance, your right arm is getting more “juice” from your brain than your left arm. If this is the case find a qualified ART/chiropracter in your area.