Bicep Size Difference

one simple ? i hope.
for the last three years my left bi has been 1/2 bigger then my right.

i’ve put on an 1 1/2 on both arms(thanks Charles Staley) in the past year but my right just can’t catch my left. can i get any help with this one?


if you do unilateral bicept exercizes like alternate dumbell curls, you could use a slightly heavier dumbell in you smaller arm. that would work. i think.

Try using your smaller arm first when you do exercises like DB curls.

Most guys/girls have one bicep that is bigger then the other (within 1/2 inch or so), no big deal as long as they are both symitrical in the mirrors. In fact I read that even though your dual muscles, (bis tris quadsetc…) sometimes lay out differently in your body, So indeed they could be the same density but layed out differently in your body part.

I have the same problem but, interestingly, the smaller arm also happens to be the stronger of the two. Go figure…

Same here. I think you’ll find most people’s favored arm has a slightly smaller upper arm measurement. My theory is your stronger arm is a lot harder to shock into growth than the other. Problem with hitting it harder is size and strength don’t always coincide perfectly. So if you hit your right a lot harder to catch up, the offset in strenght might effect a lot of other things like bar curling, benching, pull ups, ect… I guarantee you it isn’t noticeble to others though, so probably better to accept it and live with it.

My right foot is an inch longer than my left. Now that’s a bitch. I always get blisters on my left from having loose shoes.

WOW! Thanx guys, great advice!
i’ll start working the right one a little harder and maybe incorperate a few more difficult exercises for the right side and work it maybe twice a week.

funny, i didn’t notice it until i got a tattoo on the left arm and then i measured…hmm, maybe i’ll just get tattoo on the right arm:-)
again, thanx guys, i appreciate it!