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Bicep Shape

I was looking in the mirror the other day and I noticed a problem with my arms… I have a decent-sized bicep, but it looks like it sits pretty high on my arm. If I flex, there’s a little too much space between the peak and my forearm.
What sort of exercises do you guys recommend for forming this bitch out correctly?

It’s all genetic. I have the “high biceps” and calves that you are describing as well. Some recommend doing more work on the short head (preacher curls, hammer curls, etc.) of the biceps to help “fill in” this area, but ultimately, it is due to genetics. Some of us just weren’t blessed with long muscle bellies.

Well, I suppose that I can’t complain, since I have no trouble packing mass on. You can’t always have it all…
I have trouble really hammering my biceps because of tendonitis in my left wrist/forearm. If I do really good, heavy weights, it flares up horribly and kills me. The doctor told me the name of the tendon but I can’t remember…it’s mainly one that attached to the hand close to the pinky side and goes all the way down the forearm. I’m seeing an art practitioner for it, so it’s getting better.

Have the same problem here. I’ve seen a post like this before and i think a lot of people did too. Just make sure you hit the full ROM every rep, and work with what you’ve got. Also Arnold has the bicep high on the arm, so I suppose it’s not all that bad.

Sounds like you have a problem that most people want (Good bicep peaks). It could be that you isolate your biceps in your workouts (like doing preacher curls) a deffinate “do” but you may want to add some movements that incorperate the brachialis, this can help with overal arm size and maybe take some focus off of your peaks. On the other hand you could be focusing too much on the lower head of your bicep and not enough on the upper head. But remember a lot of the shape of your muscles are genetic, you can change the size of them but not the shape and this may be the case as well.

When you flex, point your palm out, away from the body. That will wrap the tendon around the joint and make the bicep look fuller, if not as peaked.

doing standing barbell curls with a straight bar, with an extremely wide grip, (pinky on the outside of the smooth mark on the bar) with elbows in… might help. i’ve been doing these for about 6 months to help thicken my biceps and to kind of fill out the bottom of them… seems to work a little so far…but, don’t do these curls or any other curls in the squat rack or you’ll get your ass kicked !! :slight_smile:

you can NOT change the shape of a muscle,again you can NOT change the shape of a muscle, again you can NOT change the shape of a muscle, now repeat after me, I can NOT change the shape of a muscle.