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Bicep Rehab/Comeback Log

I’ll log my distal bicep tendon rehab,then my strength and size comeback,my strength was ok bench 320 for 3 rm , squat 405 + when i get a spotter,DL 355 not so good but ok for a 46 year old with a ton of injuries
week 1 worked on flexibility and mobility.pain was moderate
week 2 the same but single arm exercises for good side db delt press, db rows, floor press and any db exercise etc…all light cause all I have are 10 lbs and a 20 lbs, the reps were above 20+. plus isometrics on injured bicep,tendon felt good minimal pain I’m 5’8 212lbs about 15% BF, going to get down to 200-198 around 10% BF,my diet is mod to high protein low GI carbs on the low side with higher fat,want to lose extra fat now.was 217 on 6/29

7/13 post op appt,cast comes off.after the appt i’ll have more because i’ll start rehab at the clinic and back to the gym to do legs and my good side.
I thought a log of the recovery would help someone and let them know what to expect.if you want more info or
details let me know how I can help.
I never said how i injured my right distal tendon.I did pull-ups then right to a curl I wasn’t even sure I could do, stupid.Well felt pain worked through it resulting in a partially torn tendon,worked out until it tore more resulting in surgery,i was training regullary,then the last few weeks just squats finally nothing. when it tore from the beginning until surgery at
lest 4 months of no real training and now up to 4-6 months of rehab they tell me.will now more on 7/13,! other issue I had my left lung removed, had lung cancer 10/15 so now my main focus is raising my GPP for when I can return to training.
thank you

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did single arm workout w/ 20lb and a 10lbs db
first walked 3 miles
all 20lbs db for 2x 20 reps
delt press
floor press
2x 10 w/ 10lbs
side raises
front raises
rear delts & coc gripper
leg raises
was fun to do something than just sit around and do errands with my wife.the heat is making the partial cast fall apart.fri doing legs hopefully

did some leg exercises, first time in over 6 weeks.It felt good to go back in the gym,my weight is now 212 and i feel really weak and tired.
leg press 270lbs 3x10
single leg curl standing 50lbs 3x8-10
leg ext 70lbs 3x10
some back extensions bwt 3x10
single leg calf raises standing w/ body weight 3x10
seated calf raises 70lbs 3x10
did a superset of leg raises 3x12
crunches 3x12
walk an inclien of 6 at 2.9 speed for 20 min. this was my first day doing anything remotely productive.

can’t wait to go to the doctors tomorrow,I hope everything is ok.Got to admit I’m nervous I feel I did to much.IT will be about 2 weeks tomorrow [ thur ] 7/13.No pain is a good sign I hope.

never said how I injured my tendon.did some pull-ups the a curled a weight i wasn’t sure i could even do.felt pain but thought it was a strain so keeped training,turns out it was partially torn,took it easy but pain got worse then finally a MRI then surgery, cause i have low blood platlets so it took a month to raise them. From the the injury to surgery was 3 months then 4-6 months of rehab they tell me,I also had my left lung removed [ lung cancer] 2015.so I really want to increase my GPP,and try to maintain what ever i can

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Went to my 1st post op appt. had good mobility but no strength and the scar had a lot of scar tissue in my forearm,he said some of it was on the tendon it self.set up rehab start tue 7/18,plan on going to the gym tomorrow and walking with my weight vest 20lbs, probably walk 2 miles.I also have a arm brace so I can’t fully extend my arm and it bends to 90 degrees.Over all everything went well.
thank you

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the scar tissue is freaking me out,it’s a lump on my forearm,I hope it will break up a bit or something.The Dr said it will get smaller. I guess he knows , he does work on all boston’s sports teams I know he’s good.MASS GENERAL is a great hospital with great doctors.if anyone has some info let me know.

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weak as shit . but went to the gym regardless did some leg work,still can’t squat because of mobility with my arm,so
leg press 360 for 4x8 20sec rest
single kneeling leg curl 3x 10 @ 50lbs
leg ext 3x10 @ 70 lbs
standing calf raises btw
seat calf raises 3x 10 @ 55lbs
leg raises 2x 15
crunches 2x 15
All exercises with 30sec or less rest
will walk later probably w/ weighted vest.I need strength back bad I’m so damn weak
if anyone has any training ideas or had a similar issue let me know please.
thank you

here is the Rehab Program for Distal Biceps Repair
Massachusetts General Hospital
Phase 1 { week 1}
Posterior splint at 90* of elbow flexion
Wrist & hand gripping exercises
Phase 2 { week 2-6}
Elbow Rom Brace
week 2 @ 45-100*
week 4@ 30-115*
week 6 @ 15-130*
Shoulder exercises [ rotator cuff ]
Scapular strengthening
Wrist extensors & flexion or supination
Gripping exercises
Week 5-6 isometric tricep exercises

Phase 3 [week 6-10]
Elbow ROM
Discontinue brace week 8 [0-145*]
Week 8 begin light isotonic triceps
isotonics wrist flexors/extensors, Shoulder isotonics
continue rotator cuff & scapular exercises
progress weight 1 lb. per week

Phase 4 week 10-16
Bicep isometrics @ week 12
Continue flexibility

Phase 5 [ week 16-26
light bicep isotonics [week 16]
2 handed week16
Progress to 1 hand at week 20-22

Phase 6 [ week 26 & beyond]
return to sport specific training

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upper body single arm on healthy side only,weak building up strength slowly.
all exercises had around 30 sec break between sets and 1min between exercises
DB single arm press 1x25 @ 25 lbs, 2x 15 @ 30 lbs
db OHP 2x 12 @ 30 lbs
hammer curls 2x 10 @ 20 lb.
these are all w/ 10 lb DB
side raises 2x 12
front raise 2x 12
rear delt raises 2X 10
took about at min to complete
need some exercise ideas,any help would be great.

legs sat 7/16
after warm-up
leg press 3x 8 @ 360 going up slowly
lying leg curls 3 x 10 @ 70lbs
leg ext 3z 10 @ 70 lbs
single standing
calf raises 3x 10 BTW
seated calf raise 3 x 10 @ 55lbs
leg raises 3x10
crunch 3x10
need an ab routine,

did some single arm db exercises,increased slowly 5 lbs on most exercises
db OHP press 30lb 2x10
db row 40 lbs 2x 12
db bench press 40 lbs 2x 12
hammer curl 2x 10 @ 20lb
front raises 2x 10 all @ 10lbs
COC gripper 3x 10 i have the trainer.
didn’t want to go but the log motivated me

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my right bicep does look a little deformed nothing major and I can real feel the tendon in the nook of my elbow, feels very tough and thick it feels like it would never tear again, I have more strength now It’s healing good I think.I’ll now more tomorrow at PT. See what they say,Oh and the scar tissue is getting better.I massage it as much as possible to break it up.that’s it for week 2 starting week 3 tomorrow.


1st day of rehab 7/18
all mobility work on the arm and scapular work shrugs and retractions,my homework was scapular mobility and grip work just squeesing a ball they said the coc gripper
to much right now.therapist said the first few weeks will be boring just easy stuff.

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rehab boring did exercises for rotator cuff plus one other exercises for the scapular also got exercises for home internal and external rotation.

leg press 1 x 30 @140 lbs
1x 15 @ 360
1x 15
1 x 12
1x30@ 140

kneeling leg cur 3x10 @ 60 lbsl
leg ext 3x10 @ 70 felt like shit I hope the trt kicks in,46 years old , sucks.plus the bicep injury to. well another light workout to chalk up.

started something new to increase my GPP and lose fat,I did get this of the web from Thibarmy, started w/ 12 min cardio moderate
Crunches with 3 60sec on 30 off 3 interval on the arc trainer.so out of shape thats all i could do
leg raises same timed intervals 3 sets on elliptical
last 20 min of cardio weighted 5% incline walk . def out of shape from not really working out prior to injury and the last 3 weeks of post op, the one lung didn’t help much.All I worked for is gone.what do you think

walked 3 miles with 20 lb vest and rehab exercises, rotator cuff, scapular and grip work.

12 min cardio
leg press 2x 15 , 2x 12
lying leg curl 3x10
leg ext 3x10
standing calf raises 2x 10
seated 2x10
15 min of cardio.will increase this up to 30 min max.out of shape now will progress slowly

start in a new workout based off of thibs body comp workout.because of my arm i’ll be rotating between legs,ab’s,and a cardio day
legs will be leg press {can’t squat yet }
leg curls, leg ext, back raises , and calves w/ 60 sec of cardio[ running in place ] for the rest.Each workout will begin with 12 min of cardio gradually increasing in time, and i’ll end with 20 min cardio up to 30 min over 4 weeks
Ab’s 3 different exercises with 5 intervals of cardio, 1 between each set. cardio will be 20-30 min of the
stairmill, elliptical and bike

finally a cardio day 5 intervals 60 sec each 30 sec rest of any three machines one after the other
with 20 min cardio to finish.gradually increase time over 4 weeks.
This is the basics of the plan
currantly 210 5’8 want to drop to around 196 before I start building up.body fat is a conservative 18% want to get around 10%