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Bicep Reattachment Surgery?


Long time lurker here.

Is there such thing as a bicep reattachment surgery where the surgeon essentially elongates the bicep muscle belly and as a result shortens the tendon? My friend tore his biceps a while back and when he got surgery to reconnect the bicep to the tendon the surgeon asked him if he wanted to "improve" his biceps. He said yes and now his biceps have NO gap between the bicep and forearm (almost like he doesn't have a tendon) whereas before there was this good 1 inch gap of tendon between his bicep and forearm.

So, is it possible to have a cosmetic procedure where they lengthen your bicep muscle belly and shorten the tendon? I've read through loads of threads all over the internet that deal with muscle belly insertions and it usually boils down to "get better parents (herp derp) or get surgery" In not one thread that involved insertion points was surgery not mentioned, so I'm guessing this is very possible and there's a name for it (since my friend did get it, after all).




DOH_Crazy wishes there was such a thing.


Are you implying that simply reattaching a bicep muscle is impossible? My friend had it done (technically). Hard to imagine it can't be done when we have advanced to ridiculous heights in the medical field (heart transplants, prosthetic limbs, etc)


You cannot surgically lengthen a muscle belly.


It might be doable but it'd cost you an arm and a leg since odds are it probably won't be covered by any insurance and well...it's dumb as shit.

Surgery is invasive and dangerous and generally people should hope they never have to go under.


The goal of bodybuilding is to have big muscles, not short tendons. Tendon length is only interesting because it serves as a rough indicator of muscle belly length. Greater muscle belly length is desirable because the longer the belly, the more sarcomeres it contains, and the more sarcomeres it contains, the greater its potential for growth. Surgically stretching the muscle belly would not add any tissue to the muscle; it would only stretch the existing tissue out over a greater distance. That would accomplish nothing.


why would you want to detach anything, to have it reattached differently. That's fucking dumb. I've had ligaments reattached in my shoulder, and it has NEVER been the same. It took a solid three years to get back to about 95% of where I was strength and size wise, from before the surgery.

Your setting yourself up for failure if you do this.


Once you pop, you just can't stop!


I don't really care about "potential" muscle growth as you are suggesting, I simply want a full bellied bicep "look". I want my bicep to run all the way from my shoulder to the inside of my elbow; all I want it the appearance of a full, thick muscle belly (like kevin levrone's). I don't see how simply snipping the tendon in a half (or even shorter) and then stretching the muscle belly and reattaching it to the now shortened tendon is impossible.


bigger biceps = curls

bigger biceps =/= surgery that can potential ruin your ability to lift.

That tendon will forever be weaker, putting you at risk for injury and future ruptures. Placing a muscle in semi-stretch for 4-6 weeks while you recover doesn't seem wise (is still have issues recruiting my left tricep from being in a sling for 6 weeks). You will be stressing the long head attachment in the shoulder.


It might not be impossible, but it certainly would be retarded.




You asked if there's such a thing as bicep reattachment surgery, then go on to say that your friend had it done..... so...



Have you ever had surgery? Do you have any idea how long you will be out of commission while recovering? Do you realize that once you cut or remove something, it is never, repeat that, NEVER, the same again? You are considering to have your biceps tendon cut and reattached for the illusion of a longer muscle belly, at the expense of it's structural integrity?

I will bet you a buffalo nickel, that you will not lift (in terms of poundages) the amount of weight you used to if you have this surgery. I could and will argue that your arm will be compromised of growth since your ability to go heavy will lost. Your arm will not be as strong as it once was, but if you insist and I could certainly use the laugh, please keep us informed.


To be frank, that's a risk I'm willing to take. Living with a short bicep muscle belly is simply not fair at all. At this point I can't even wear short sleeves and I've cut off all contact from my friends who have long bicep muscle bellies. It's just not fair.


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