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Bicep Question

I’ve been doing more direct biceps work lately and noticed that I usually don’t get sore in my biceps, but moreso on the inside of my elbow and upper forearms. Is this just a muscle imbalance in my forearms? Would it be best to correct this with reverse curls more than basic forearm curls? Any advice is greatly appreciated.

If you haven’t done much direct work in the past, you probably just arent used to it. When people first start doing things like heavy curls, it seems that it stressed the tendons a lot, and you get very sore and stiff. This will pass with time, as your body gets more used to the motion.

If you want, you might throw in a little direct forearm work to bring them up to speed as well.

Y’aint doing anything wrong, bud. You’re just working the brachialis and brachioradialis muscles pretty good. If you do reverse curls, they’ll be even more sore. I’d say stick to what you’re doing. No need to get fancy, here, let’s just stay consistent. Your forearms are gonna get it on deadlift day already, I say save the direct forearm work for when you’re an advanced lifter, or if you need a change of pace for a while. Spend your time getting the basics down, and you will reap the rewards, believe me. I’m living proof. Beefcake! BEEFCAAAAKE!!!

Sorry. Had a South Park moment there.