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Bicep Problem and Proportion?


Hi everyone, just a quick question, was going over my proportions today and noticed that my biceps are very pushed forward/inner dominant I suppose.

I put on a photo so you can understand a bit more clearly. The photo is taken looking from my shoulder to my wrist whilst flexing. As you can see my bicep inner head pushes forwards drastically making my arm proportions seems silly and my front view of my tricep smaller. I don’t drastically dominate any of my arm sessions with inner bi focused work and only do around two arm sessions a month anyway. What is the reason for it looking like this?? and is there any ways to counter act it?? thanks guys


Dude thats pretty normal, stop worrying. You can focus on movements that stimulate the brachialis, hammer curls, reverse curls etc


Someone is bound to chime in saying that you can adjust your hand spacing during curls to better stimulate the inner or outer bicep head, but honestly the effect will be minor at best. Keep working At making 'em bigger and I guarantee that you won’t even notice such small little issues.



Let me know if you find any medical reason for this, mine does it too!! :flushed::flushed:


rotate your shoulder slightly out. take a new picture. problem solved.


I agree with @The_Mighty_Stu completely. If you are like me and have the NEED to address this issue in the gym, put more emphasis on hammer curls (do them first or do more sets of them than other exercises). This won’t fix the biceps “problem” that you photographed, per say, but it will help enhance the brachialis muscle, which helps give the illusion of more “outter” biceps muscle.