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Bicep Peak, Tricep Horseshoe

Fellow t-mag men and vixens, I need some advice on acheiving great guns. I have mass on both my bi’s and tri’s, but they are not as cut as I would like them to be. What are some good exercises to enhance the bicep peak and the tricep horseshoe. Thanks in adavnce.


Yep, Chris’s answer is very short, but gets to the biggest point. Apparent, visual muscularity comes from reduced bodyfat just as much as muscular size. Just like showing abs. If you want to show more cuts, you have to reduce your body fat. This is achieved with a combination of proper diet and a balance of calorie expenditure and intake. One last thing: you cannot change the genetic shape of your muscles you were born with, only their size. Good luck.


P.S. That was a joke. Albeit a bad one.
Demo Dick

I saw some pics of a guy loading his arm on synthol,it was so huge and so DAMNED DAMNED
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Chris is quite right, you have to lose bodyfat. Not too long ago I was in a similar situation where one day my friend and I were comparing arms. While mine obviously had more mass, his had much better peaks. So I figured I’d work on excercises like spider curls etc. It didn’t help. Then I dieted for a while, and guess what? Even though my arms lost about 1/2" in overall size they looked huge. My peaks came out the horseshoe in the tris came out. Now my friend and I compared again a couple of weeks ago, and mine are definitely better than his now. I mean we have about the same b.f. now but I’m just bigger so my arms look better.

now yes you have to be lean and though I DON’T believe you can “shape” a muscle there could be other things involved, example would be the long head of the tri can NOT be fully recruited if it is not fully streched and the only way to fully strech it is to have the elbows overhead (don’t believe the shit in “muscle meets magnet” the book is VEEEERRRRRYYY flawed)or atleast at a 90* angle to the body which leaves 2 basic exercises as the best for hitting that head, lying extentions and overhead extentions (gee doesn’t it seem like the biggest arms are on the guys that do french presses) so if you can not get a “horseshoe” because the long head is lagging that MIGHT help but if the 2 other heads are way ahead it may take a while. tip try pre-exausting the long head and super setting french presses w/a compound ex. like dips or close grip benches. hope it helps. peace

diet is needed, but so is proper training. Don’t forget about genetic limitations of your muscle connections and length. I don’t care how much you diet, you will not be able to get a peak on top of another peak or striations within the horseshoe. I know guys that have less body fat % then me, are bigger and smaller then me and they can’t achieve this. It takes training.