Bicep Pain

Over the last day I have developed in slight dull pain in my right bicep muscle almost like bad doms. It hurts the most when raising my arm to the side palm up. It may have happened after DB benching without a spotter. Is this something that should just be rested a few days or would a doctors visit be best?

Area of pain. It hurts a little lower down as well but, this is where I can press into it and feel it. I also have slight tenderness in the thenar area.

I injured my bicep, then kept lifting. I finally had to quit for 2 months and and do PT. It was no good at all. Still not a 100%. I had residual trauma/overuse for about 10 years. I also ignored many tweaked/sore incidents similar to the one you are describing.

DB incline benching irritated it also. I can’t advise on your situation. However, It can be a serious injurious.

I would recommend that you take it easy and limit any movements that cause pain. With inflamed/irritated tissues, the biggest thing is to let them calm-down. I would not advise pushing through the pain. The bicep tendon passes through the shoulder capsule and has the potential to be inflamed with shoulder impingement. Improper scapular mechanics, along with overuse/fatigue-related activities, can lead to shoulder impingement. If the pain gets worse or does not go away and hinders your overall function, go ahead and get it checked out by an orthopedic professional.

Will do. I think it may be a sprain. I made it worse by massaging the area, it was not until today that I read you should not massage as it can worsen the swelling/pain.

Ideally get some ART therapy on it, as the pain is near the insertion point lightly streching the pecs might help also

Did some damage to my bicep years back at work trying to be awesome and carry loads much to heavy. not sure what i did but my arm would involuntarily lock up, kind of jump back and tense up ( if that makes sense ) it hurt a little but i was naive and never got it looked at…years later i have a hard time flexing and tend to feel any left bicep work in the forearm more than the bicep.

So i would advise you to get it checked out just in case you have done some damage. Im quite sure if i had got mine checked out i wouldn’t be suffering the long term effects of a damaged bicep.