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Bicep Murder Routine


I'm on a new routine which actually makes my biceps seriously cramp up for days afterward. I'm thinking this is a good thing because I've added about a 1/2 inch to my arms in the past couple of months. I know that cramping can be from low potassium as well, which I take supplements for.

On Back Day...

5 sets of weighted hammer grip pullups.
5 sets of weighted chin ups (palms facing in)
4 Sets of Seated Rows
5 Sets DB Preacher Curl, light weight (20 lbs) * 12..
- For this exercise I concentrate on flexing the bicep the entire rep while doing them slowly.
4 Sets of very close grip EZ bar preacher curl, light weight (55 lbs), slow.
- For this exercise I concentrate on flexing the bicep the entire rep while doing them slowly.

I just thought I'd share since it seems to work well..The key I think is getting enough rest before I do this again. 7 days seems sufficient. Also keep in mind I do more sets of the chins and hammer grip pullups because on sets 3-5 the reps get very low (5 or 6)..

  • Adam


I think you should deadlift first instead of doing 5 sets of hammer grip pullups.


I never dead lift first because they take so much out of me that I may not finish my workout. I prefer to do them last or on a different day. I don't see alot of people doing pull-ups, they do lat pull-down which IMO are not as effective for back and bicep growth.


5 Sets of Weighted Pullups
5 Sets of Seated Rows
5 Sets of Deadlifts

5 Sets of Heavy Bicep Bar Curls or DB
3 Sets of Close Grip Preacher curls
3 Sets of Reverse DB curls or Reverse Preachers


I'm going to have to start doing reverse curls more often. I believe that they work the forearm pretty well...

I am really liking the low weight preacher curls, you'd be shocked that 20 pounds done right can be extremely difficult. If you keep the muscle completely flexed the whole time it's pretty tough to do more then 14 reps. i could probably do 45-50 lb DB's in regular set.

I got the idea from an interview with Tony Freeman article. He mentioned that he put a few inches on his arms once he let go of the ego and took his training partners advice.


this may sound a little newb, but how do deadlifts apply to direct bicep training???


"don't see alot of people doing pull-ups, they do lat pull-down which IMO are not as effective for back and bicep growth."

You haven't yet, but I'm sure you will, get killed for this. Find the biggest guys in your gym. Do they do pullups very often if at all?

With lat pulldowns and their variations the load is much easier to measure and change. While I think the pullup and chinup have their place, I believe they are more neurally demanding and can effect strength to a greater degree, I don't think they are better for size.



I do pull-ups. And I do neutral grip pull downs.

But I'm not that big.

Most BB videos I watch, they do pull-ups though.

I can't tell which side of the argument your post is on.


BOTH! Depends on your bodyweight and development. I'd favor pullups/chins for the lighter dudes and newer liftters. Not so much if you're pushing 250-300lbs. Also if you're closer to contest shape you're going to have a lot less excess fat to pull up.



Minimum once a week.

Admittedly not many bodybuilders come to my gym but when they do stop by I've seen almost all of them do pull-ups. And some of them have only been to my gym only once.


If hypertrophy of the mid back and lats are the main goal, doing deadlifts (or a variation of) first in the routine is not the best idea. Somewhere in the middle or second half of the routine makes more sense.


I'm 6'1, 258, probably around 16% bodyfat. (I can see my top four abs when I flex them.)

I usually do 4 sets of pull-ups, totaling 25 reps.

Does this mean I should stop doing pull-ups?

/sarcastic question


yes. immediately. no one over 160 should be doing pullups.

/sarcastic answer


Once I did 100 empty BB curls as fast as I could. Biceps, or any other body part, has never been that sore for 4 days. It hurt like a bitch just to extend my elbow.


Derek Poundstone does that sometimes. I have been tempted to do that one day


It's something fun/new to try every once and awhile. Deceivingly hard.


Im just wondering are you talking about an empty 8-10 kg barbell or an olympic bar ?


just thought about it there and I hope to god your talking about an olympic bar.


I did that with bench press back when I first started and my max was like 135, yah...like seriously 10 days of horrible pain.