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Bicep Measurements

Are 14 inch biceps, on a 16 year old guy weighing in at about 145 pounds, and about 12% bf good? Just wondering, because I just measured my arms. … I was bored …

yeah thats pretty good… keep working hard though!

How did you take your measurement? Noone can really answer your question until you provide that information. Beings that you are asking this question, it leads me to believe that you probably are not familiar with the standardized method for taking arm measurements.

I have kept all my measurements over the years, and when I was 14 I weighed about 135 with 14 inch bi’s, and I was always one of the most muscular in my class, so Id say your sittin pretty good. Im now 23 years old with 16.5 inch arms at 8% and 6ft . Anyways, good luck bro!

Were you flexing?

nah man, that’s pretty weak

Depends how tall you are, if you are a short arse (like me) then it can look resonable impressive, i think thats the type of measurements I had at 15-16 but at lower body fat (roughly 8%) standing at 5’7’’.

That is great!!!
Now is the time in your life to build a good solid base. Basic exercises. Stay away from long and complex routines. Build your core. Eat well and grow.