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Bicep Intensity


I had a trainer/old school body builder show me this work out a year ago. About a month ago I started doing it again. I ve put on a quarter inch on my overall arm size. I contribute the growth to this very exercise.

It doesn t require very much weight but will more than compensate for the intensity you will feel. If you decide to try it, uses it as a finishing exercise.

You need an arm blaster and EZ curl bar. I like to put about 20 pounds on each side. Then with a out side grip start curling with a 1 count-rest for 1 count, curl for 2 count- rest for 2, curl 3-rest 3, curl 4-rest 4.

Do this until you hit 10 curls now rest for 10 count. Now switch grips and position hands to the inside grip of the EZ bar. Start counting backwards opposite of the way you counted up. Curl 10-rest 10, curl 9-rest 9, curl 8-rest 8 ECT. count all the way back down until you hit 1 again.

So if your arms are not completely exhausted you didn t have enough weight or youre cheating on your curls. Or youre a way better man than me! ha ha

So if youre lacking arm intensity this should do the trick. My arms are hard to get sore. But when I finish with this they really hurt the next morning. I dont know if this is old news to anyone but Ive never seen anyone else do them before.


It sounds like a variation of 21's. It isn't exactly groundbreaking as you could do some similar routine with any number groupings and the concept is still the same, forcing your muscles to get through a workout with greater volume with very little rest intervals.

It is something I would do occasionally but would never tell someone to do regularly. The greatest concept that will aid in arm growth is the realization that your entire body has to grow to see much progress there.

I think many still neglect back, shoulder and leg training choosing to mostly focus on chest and arms. I also think many have gone the other extreme completely neglecting isolation movements which I think is also less than optimal. What happened to balance?


1)I'm not a fan of 21's

2) agree

3) its not my entire work out just a shocking technique I tried and I like.

I'm 240 pounds so I think I have plenty of blance in my workout


I don't do alot of isolation, but I really like the 5/10/15 scheme as an end of workout blowout

Do 5 barbell curls
followed by
10 incline db or reverse preacher(arms resting on straight pad not slanted)

followed by
15 cable curls

Repeat if you want for up to 3 sets, but one done properly should be a good way to walk out the door

Great burn out, but I only do it sparringly and only when I have a couple days off before another upper body day. For me, that's Friday most of the time.


Great info. I think the last time I did them was about 5 years ago or more so I pretty much put them on the same level as what you just described.

No. I don't have to try everything to get an understanding of its usefullness. That leap is the same path taken by HIT promoters who claim that you couldn't possibly know whether HIT isn't the greatest thing on earth until you try it for an extended period of time.

There are enough similar approaches that I have tried to understand the mechanics of it. Are you upset because I didn't write that this was the greatest concept on earth? I didn't even insult you.

You're point?

No one is in the dark about this, and again, I wrote that it isn't something I would do regularly but other trainers may find some benefit from it...just like some benefit can be had from 21's.

Just like that, however, I doubt many trainers would have someone do 21's every biceps training session.


I do "burnouts" often as the last exercise.

For biceps, it is usually one of the curl machines with a moderate weight. I have done seated barbell curls for this where I would only extend the weight until the backs of my hands touched my knees and then curl up again....usually for as many reps as I could get in with a lighter weight until my arms felt they would fall off.

For chest, it is usually the pec deck machine also done until I feel enough of a pump or buildup of lactic acid to feel a need to quit. Once that point is reached, I'm done and either leave to go eat or do cardio.


Understanding something and doing it are completely differnt things. I am mearly sharing a workout that seems to be working for me.

Judging by the amount of post you do on T-Nation you probably don't have much of a life. So have fun reading x-men professer x. Comic book nerd!


You just called him a comic book nerd? Are you in elementary school???


Now your insecurity is showing man.

You thought for half an hour and came back with that weak shit.

Please, if it weren't for a slow couple of days, an iso bicep post would have went down the shitter without any responses.

Now, take your 240 and do something with it


Funny timing. I just did drop sets for the first time in about 2 years tonight as a finnisher. Burned the bajeezus out of my biceps. First time I've done any direct work on them in quite a while.


His profile says 210-220. Now he's 240 2 months later. Plus he's been training all of a year and a half.

Give the expert a break. At 6'2" - he's got my puny ass beat all to hell.

ProfX - I started doing burnout sets a couple of months ago. Don't know if it's mental or for real, but damn those make me feel huge.


I never did them much when I first started and truly don't think most beginners need to be focusing on it. However, I think many intermediate/advanced trainers might see some benefit from it. It pushes more blood into the target muscle group. With the case of biceps, I can barely bend my arm enough to get my motorcycle helmet on afterwards.


I'm a comic book nerd? I don't even own any comic books. I must say, however, this was one brilliant come back. Not only was it original (because the "you must not have a life" line has not been used before by anyone on the internet...ever), but it was full of insight. I await your next post, teacher of the weak and strong of the strong.

Your humble subject, Prof X


Lol...now you're just tryin to be a badass :wink:


I used to do a lot of 21's (aka platoons), arm blaster, supersets, compound sets for arms and what happened well they grew bigger but my back development sucked.

What happened when I stopped direct arm training ? My back grew, pretty hard to build a block of flats with two worn out cranes. Paradoxically my arms then grew too. I did not stumble on this principle as some snotty nosed kid in the gym, I 'd been training a few years and reasoned that my arms were just overtrained.

A few years on when I did want to bring up my arms, I avoided the mistakes I'd made in the past and employed movements like preacher reverse curl and hammer curls to bring up the brachialis and biceps. I did cut back on the back training though, bent over rows and chins knock my arms for six.

I'll say though some guys do get great results with direct arm training and more power to them, if I emply it whilst hitting the back and other body parts hard my arms are practically useless.


I personally think it is all related and can be trained around. You obviously wouldn't train biceps the day after you trained your back, just like it probably isn't the greatest idea to train shoulders the day right after training chest. I have always added preacher bench work for biceps. Exercises like 21's were generally only done every once in a while and usually involved me and someone I was training with at the time pushing ourselves to see if we could outdo one another.

The most effective exercises for me have been seated alternate dumbbell curls, preacher curls (using dumbbells), and with the EZ curl bar.


I suppose what I meant was I can hit biceps with 'isolation' movements but only with a corresponding reduction in back movements. It was better when there was a pullover machine in my gym which targeted my back and left my arms out of the picture more. The gym owner in his wisdom swapped it for a seated calf machine and a pec dec with another gym owner.


Is there really such a problem with what AK said? Any given idea doesn't have to meet the approval of a few specific members.

He was sharing what he found to be helpfull. Thats what the site is for.

What the site is NOT for is for one particular internet expert to respond to EVERY post over and over because he is a textbook egomaniac.


Just what in the fuck is wrong with comic books?


I think you are missing why people are jumping on him. ProfX offers critique. I think he's earned the right to tell folks with less than 2 years of training experience what he thinks about their 'new' idea.

AK47 got his feelings hurt and had to start throwing his stats around as if they should impress someone. That is why he started catching shit.

And if you are going to start bragging about how big you are - you need to make sure that the folks you are bragging to are smaller and less experienced than you are.