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Bicep Injections

I recently tried my first bicep injection and it did not go well. I found the correct area to inject on spotinjections.com even marked off the area with a pen just to be sure. Both times I attempted to insert the needle into my bicep as soon as the needle began piercing the muscle it would spasm and i recieved a burning sensation. I am assuming I was hitting a nerve. I decided not to tempt it again and just injected in my delt. I usually inject into my glutes quads and delts, i’ve also done lats with no problems, I just thought some additional sites would be nice with some upcoming small ED injections.

Anyways I kept the injection within the suggested area on the inside of my bi at about the halfway point of the length of the muscle. I was sitting down and had my arm relaxed outstretched on top of my leg. Am I making a mistake? Is this just a sensitive area and i need to keep trying until I find a comfortable spot? Any tips and advice from those with experience would be appreciated.

Oh and i was using a 25g 1 inch needle



hope this helps

check this out:


Thanks for the effort, but spot injections is where i started and that nursing pdf has nothing regaurding injections other than delts glutes and quads