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Bicep Gap


Hey Guys,
Was needing some help. I'm sure its all genetics but any advice on how to shorten the gap (when flexing) between bicep and forearm?? Is there certain excercises that can help with that?Thank you in advance for your suggestions...


I'd say curls. Or removal of some bone and tendon.


Get bigger biceps, aka lots of curls, hammer curls, chinups, drag curls, incline curls, etc.

It works better if you don't squat.


While your actual muscle shape is genetically predetermined, the best solution is to simply make the muscle as big as possible, and you won't notice as much.



keep your wrist pronated when you flex


Larger biceps.

Insertion point is mostly genetic. Guys with long insertions don't notice much "peak" but have larger overall muscle bodies.

In particular I feel the bottom portion of preacher curls to be very effective at increasing the size of the muscle near the elbow joint, but again I have low insertions, so its difficult for me to say if that wouldn't have happened anyways.


Make em bigger.


You never see guys with 20" arms worried about "a gap".


Dude, some people just have longer muscle bellies than others. Arnold and ronnie colman have huge bicep muscle bellies.

Albert eckles has short bicep muscle bellies


Genetics only gets you so far. Your brain and your intelligence get you further.

Strict spider and preacher curls and Arnold's 21s with a reverse grip.
Start with a light weight and at the end of the last set...hold the weight 60-65% from a full extension for at least 20 seconds.


get larger and leaner and it all becomes irrelevant.


Awesome post bro bro

You must have the shortest biceps gap in the history of bodybuilding with that method.


My father had a huge biceps gap when he switched from powerlifting to bodybuilding. He now has normal looking biceps. The proof is in the results.

and btw, I have a biceps gap the size of a toothpick.


try talking on the fone with your non working arm and by tha time u have finished the conversation, u will feel tha pumpz more cause ur hand was lifted with tha fone.


here we have a saying that goes something like "pics or it didnt happen"


implants. synthol?
superset bench with negative BB curls using the same weight?
superset rack pulls with weighted chins using the same weight
curls on a decline bench
cut your arm off and replace it with something you get out of your local morgue
upside down T-bar rows
crossed arm Bench press.


Yo i heard the same thing on another site ! Duz it relle werk?!!? lolZ!


My brain has let me know that you do not change your genetic shape and can only make whatever muscle you have bigger.

Once again, if you build arms bigger than 18", no one is going to notice a

Also, apparently Albert Beckles was in dire need of your "genius brain".


Maybe you can;t change the shape in literal terms but you can change shape by enhancing certain aspect of the muscle more then other. Drag curls add more mass to the top of the bicep by the shoulder, preachers work the opposite spectrum. Thing is we never know just what the final genetic shape will be when you factor in the training environment and experience.

But ultimately the bicep will be as it will be. That's why Olivia's looked like they did and Arnolds did like they did. No training could make their biceps look like they switched. I know i'm preaching to the quire but i just had to say it for those that read that for the first time.


If you're worried about your front biceps pose or something, adjust the pronation/supination of your forearm when you flex. the tendon will wrap/unwrap around the bone and shorten/lengthen that gap.

Dr. Squat was shooting down the myth of being able to change the shape of a muscle by noting that some bodybuilder (I can't recall who) was posing slightly differently in two different pics, one there was a significant gap in one of his biceps, and in the other one it was minimized. The difference was his forearm rotation.