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Bicep Elbow Area 'Fuller'

Hi, i was wondering if there is any way to make the area down by your bicep and elbow more “fuller” or like thicker? I’m not talking about filling in the gap by your elbow because I know that’s genetics and depends on the tendon length or your muscle belly or what not, becuase on my rigth arm
(which is bigger and more devolved than my left arm)
my lower bicep seems to be a lot thicker and has moire height than the area on my left arm, so like with my left arm I follow my bicep down my arm but when i reach down to my lower bicep area and elbow it curves downward because there’s not
alot of mass there, making it look really odd compared to my right arm which has a very little curve because it has more mass down in the lower bicep area, again I’m not talking about making my bicep longer (genetics) but to at least add mass down by my lower left arm, I seemed to have managed to add some mass in my lower right bicep area an i wanna even them out.

hopefully this too isn’t affected by genetics, which I’m sure inst because my right arm has more mass down by the lower bicep area, and I’m guessing its something than can be fixed,

The only exercises i know that i can do that work the Brachialis muscle are hammer curls, reverse curls, preacher curls?

At this point I wouldn’t even mind getting some fat (and muscle) down there just to even things out and make it look thicker and fuller, because its really noticeable in the mirror.

any suggestions?

you could also try adding a little (a lot) mass to that 6’2", 160 pound frame, in addition to (instead of) working the specific muscles you’re concerned with.

agreed, just keep working out, put on a bunch of muscle, they should even out

agreed, 160 pounds is to light for over 6 foot to be thinking about shaping a muscle, get to 200 then well talk

Focus on performance not aesthetics. Worry about aesthetics when you’re thinking about stepping on stage. For now, just focus on getting stronger. And eat something.

yep you need more muscle everywhere but to answer your question there is another exercise i think called zurcher, could be zottman, curls, i get confused, anyway this will also target the area you are interested in.

start with dumbels palms facing away from your body and curl the weights up toward your body like in a normal curl excepting that instead of having your wrists held stiff you relax them causing your muscles, cant remember the specific names of them either sorry, to behave differently giving them more work to do.

at the top of the movement you rolld your wrists inward and the lower as though you were doing reverse curls with dumbells.

start lighter than you would usualy use for a curl.

also id suggest looking it up because although you can probably get an idea from my explained there will be hundreds of explinations online given by people who remember the correct names of everything and they might have even illistrated it.

best of luck with achieving your goals but like the other guys say foccus more on your entire body rather than a little point on your left arm.


what do you know it was zottman curls, click the above link, it explains it pretty much the same as i did except with slides

zottomans are amazing.

but yeah, i’m 6-1 and 195…shit i don’t have that area filled in.

who cares, oh…you do; duh.

x100 with “get heavier”