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Bicep Curls for a Funny Elbow?


Hey people, the inner part of my left elbow has really been acting up for a while, but recently its gotten worse. I have absolutely no idea what it is...would bicep curls fix it?

I do almost nothing for my biceps in terms of direct arm work but do more for my triceps since i feel they have more function than the biceps. I do dips, close grip and regular bench press and once in a while EZ bar extensions. For my biceps i do chins, pullups and their variations. Mostly for my back but i figure my biceps are being hit as well. Is it possible that iv developed an imbalance?

any help will be highly appreciated.


Curls will help (keep the weight low, reps high, try to get as much blood into the muscle as possible). Also try high rep pushdowns (25+- go for a total of 100)


Without knowing the etiology of the pain, making recommendations is impossible. High rep curls are not the cure all for elbow pain. I am not sure from your description, what the issue is. Do you have any numbness? Or is it more muscle pain? It could be a variety of issues, but the ones that I immediately would consider would be medial epicondylitis, ulnar neuropathy.


maybe. it was suggested to me when i developed elbow pain.
my solution turned out to be releasing the muscle knots in my triceps, though. might be worth a shot.


Its not muscular pain. It feels like tendon pain. No numbness. It hurts on the side of my elbow nearest to my torso (inner side). I also heard/read somewhere that doing losta pullups (supinated grip) can cause your elbows to become achy. Not sure how true that is but i DO lotsa pullups......any relation?

Psi had to google those medical terms and im still lost! :smiley:


How did you release??


well... you want to have a roll around and see what you find.

in my experience pain around a joint gets me searching the muscles either side. so in this case the muscles in your lower arm and the muscles in your upper arm. i like to try and rest my head on the part being rolled for additional pressure when i do my arms. start by trying to roll along the length of the muscle feeling out general tenderness.

do this for a couple minutes to promote blood flow. after some time you might start to get the impression of more focal points of tenderness / tightness. then spend some time on those areas. sometimes a bit of cross-friction wiggling across the muscle fibers alternated with elongation rolling seems to help. sometimes fairly firm pressure on a particular point for about 60 seconds helps it to relax. the idea is to try and get tight muscles to relax. also to promote bloodflow which promotes healing.

triceps are tricky. i have most success with lying on my stomach and holding my arm out over my head. rest my head on my arm. do your armpit, too, for good measure and round the back of your shoulder joint.


Huge relation. If you're doing a ton of pull up work you're already working your biceps a lot.

When you develop inner elbow pain it's typically due to too much grabbing/pulling exercises. The muscles on the inside of the forearm (where you have pain) become overused and tight. You need to stretch these muscles and strengthen the muscles on the outside of the forearm (the opposite side of where you have pain.)

This will fix you up: http://b-reddy.org/2011/09/15/get-rid-of-inner-elbow-pain-aka-medial-epicondylitis-aka-golfer%E2%80%99s-elbow/

Hope this helps.


Thanks a bunch man.


You got it. Let me know if you need anything else.



guess i will never experience that because of the flexibility required for a clean grip.


Im assuming your an Oly lifter...what's your best in the C&J and snatch?


meh. not so great. 2/3 bodyweight snatch, and not much more than that for the clean and jerk lolz. rehabilitating myself from old injury and general decrepitude. my wrists and fingers are pretty bendy, though, heh.


How much you weigh? I aint an oly lifter but i'd like to snatch 270lbs one day. Nothing more, nothing less. For some reason i just feel like its a perfect number to snatch :smiley:


it isn't a perfect number to snatch because the number would best be some round figure in kg's rather than pounds.
probably some pretty combination of colored bumpers.

i'm about 60kg (female)


Isn't 270lbs like 120 kg? Which would be 3 plates per side?

 	270 pounds = 122.46994kg




Ok, lemme change that....Perfect number to snatch is 120 kg :slightly_smiling:


two red plates :slight_smile:
(on the guys bar, anyway)
that would make me pretty happy, too :slight_smile: