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Bicep Curl Record


Maybe it is. It probably is.


Look at that perfect form


nice bench and good low back/arm curls lol


Remember this?


Who is that Megaman guy in that video?


Him? Oh - they just call him "Lefty" nowadays...


yeah megaman .... for anyone who saw Troy, he was the big guy Achilles killed at the start of the movie.


Total body Lower ME/ Upper RE Aug 20th 07

Pre training notes:
Hand still a bit chewed up and a bit to much caffeine today prew/o bit shaky had to chill between sets

Super set

1A) DL
Bar x some
160 x 8
250 x 5
340 x 5
430 x 3
520 x 1
610 x 1 (5lb PR) cake walk
620 x 1 (15 lb PR) again cake feel it a little in arm not bad and hands were hurting a bit
625 x 1 (20 lb PR) Tough pull but nailed it bloody palms as usual of late, felt AWESOME!!!! though

One of those days not sure how things were going to go the 520 was easy but didnt scream HUGE PR so went for the 5 lber to make sure I got something then well it was cake so decided to roll with it.

Im liking this pulling heavy full pulls once a month seems to be working I think if Id have went for it fresh 630+ would have fallen today. That 625 after the 610 and 620 was a hard pull

1B) Incline bench (Paused)
Bar x ton
95 x 10
135 x 10
185 x 8
225 x 5
255 x 3 (1 rep PR)
260 x 3 (5 lb PR)
265 x 1 In was cooked
225 x 8 not paused

getting better can feel that the right side is still way the heck behind has to push a lot harder then the left

Giant set
2A) Leg press
14 plates x 10
16 plates x 8 (2 sets)

2B) Chins bw / wide grip p-downs
8/8, 6/8, 3/8

2B) Dips
BW + 50 x 10,8,6

2D) Abs Decline weighted
3 sets

Ended up being a great gym day. 7 plates here I come id like to have that by the new year. that�??s a lofty goal but im going for it 50 lbs and I will have 5 heavy pulling sessions between now and then

Im the whore today Baby :slightly_smiling:


Silly Phill....


Wowsers. That's a hell of a workout. Good job.


LMAO Phill, you are a true whore! Posting your Training in two different (and one unrelated) threads! Nice!!!!

"megaman" real name Nathan Jones, the guy is from Australia I believe, 6'10 or something..... I don't think he did much in strongman after his arm snapped, he did Wrasslin and is now in movies.


Phil - How much do you weigh? And how much do you curl? This post isn't about deadlifting, posterior chain strength, weighted dips, or any stuff people SHOULD be doing in the gym. It's about the Bro/Fratboy strength that makes boys who know nothing about iron ooh and ahh at an admittedly badass feat of curling the weights they quarter squat.

Everyone else - I think Nathan Jones is concentrating on his acting (that's what I gather from Wikipedia).

Oh. I just want your weight phil so I can gague just how badass you are for the number's you've put up. And in order to make this form more irrelevant I just want to say that I'm watching Singing Bee in my hotel bedroom because I don't know the local channels and I just want you all to know I'm asking myself if the dickless freak host ex N'Sync member is gonna get with any of the fine dancers I desperately want to be inside of right now.

With their sequency golden dreses and tight, 20 something bodies. I doubt it. He should just be glad he's got a job and isn't like his peers on Mission Man Band...the VH1 reality TV show featuring ex boyband members trying to bring their brokeass shit back into TRL to poison an new batch of impressionistic tweens and teens. I don't know if that makes any sense.

I just know Phil's 600+ deadlift is pretty cool even if he's 300 pounds but he would be way cooler if he could make one of those shiny dancing girls I spoke of eariler appear in bed with me. Commercial break is over. They're back again!




I think I am dumber for reading this post....... seriously