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Bible verses for us T-men

Jason I have read those scriptures and no where do it say to confess to a preist.It statesRecieve the holy spirit, which means you recaine the holy spirit, If you forgive any one of their sins,…The key word here is you…what so ever you shal bind here on earth so be it in heaven, what so ever you shall loose here on earth so be it in heaven… So if we forgive…again the key word here is we,then so be it in heaven.I think that religion has confused you and blinded you to the truth.Admit you faults to one another and pray for each other, again it is the context of we not one person. You continue to beleive your faith and we will beleive ours, but I will pray that your eyes are opened, you shall know the truth( that Jesus is lord) and the truth will set you free. Get your eyes off of religion and open up your mind.Remeber what goes in comes out (garbage in= garbage out)See I can quote verses too but to understand there meaning is another thing… Jesus said, that not everyone will open there eyes and ears many will be blinded to the truth…B