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Bible verses for us T-men

I’ll try not to be militant about it, but I actually agree with (most) of what J Baran is saying. The fact of the matter is that the Catholic Church is the only church founded by Christ and his apostles. It was the only show around for well over a thousand years before Luther came around. Most importantly the Catholic Church (or men in the Church) WROTE and compiled the Bible. It is her book, and it was never intended to exist in a vacuum as some of you are suggesting. There are currently over 100,000 Christian denominations that all claim to have the Holy Spirit and the fullness of the truth. It is precisely because people (with the best of intentions) read the Bible without the guidance of the Church’s teachings and traditions (with descend directly from the apostles and Christ) that we have so much disagreement. Example: Why does the Church teach Mary was always a virgin when one of the gospels refer to Jesus’s brother James?

Back to training and roids. I don’t think it is as clear as you say Blackhawk. Can’t we make the same arguement about creatine? We honestly don’t know everything creatine does and obviously it supplements the body with an overwhelmingly unnatural dose at even a couple grams a day. If someone RESPONSIBLY uses roids (whatever that means, I’ve never tried) then is there really a big difference, just because it is illegal? Let’s not forget that 40 years ago there was a law that said black men couldn’t use the same bathroom as white men.

Point is nothing we are discussing here is straight forward or easy to answer.