Bible verses for us T-men

BMJ enough said,Judge yourself first before you judge others,you said it all right there.I comend you on your choice of words.I am not of the catholic faith I am not of the baptist faith I am just of the faith. Religion is cruel because it is full of manmade rules.That is why so many are turning away from God because of these people who make these rules. The bible does not state any of these things that religion tells you to do. I worship God and that is all there is to it.Read the bible with an open mind and then tell me about religion.(king james or Niv Bible would be recomended). God knows we sin and is ready to forgive s but we do not need to go to a man and confess these things.what I am trying to say is get religion out of the picture and focus on God and Jesus and maybe things will become a little clearer.