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Bible verses for us T-men

Fair enough, Mr. Berardi. You see, this is the problem with multiculturalism and religious pluralism in a single nation. The only way to not be at each other’s throats is to regroup into homogeneous states. The first amendment says CONGRESS cannot pass legislation respecting an establishment of religion. It does NOT say that New York, Georgia or any of the other 50 states cannot! There’s no Constitutional reason why we can’t have a state for Catholics, a state for Protestants, a state for whites, a state for blacks, and mixed-states for the weirdos who actually enjoy being an isolated atom in a cosmopolitan chaos. But of course, the commies in the supreme court and in the White House would send in tanks and jack-booted Federal goons in short order if any state ever tried what I’m proposing. This, despite the fact that all states have the 10th amendment right to do what I have just said.