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Bible verses for us T-men

Mr. Berardi, the Traditional teachings of Holy Mother Church are indefectable, infallible, and unchangeable. They are the only truths regarding religion, all else is heresy. Vatican II is null and void by Pope Pius II’s infallible Papal Bull, Execrabilus. This Papal Bull was written several centuries ago to condmen ANYONE who would, in the future, bring together a council to CHANGE the Mass, and the morals and dogma of the Church. The Traditional, Infallible Church teaches that all Governments must publicly acknowledge the Roman Catholic faith, and must not pass any legislation contrary to her teachings. It is the traditional teachings of the Church that are infallible, Mr. Berardi. Not you, sir, with your Freemasonic Lutheran/Calvinist/Vatican II erronious belief in “private interpretation” of the Holy Scriptures.