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Bible verses for us T-men

Good point, John U. Moral relativism and “situational ethics” are satanic through and through - not to mention anarchic. Certain people like to say that there are no absolutes of right and wrong because they don’t want to be held accountable for their sins. Their hypocrisy is beyond comprehension. They say that they don’t believe we have the right to condemn moral degenerates, while in the same breath say that they HATE people who disagree with their hedonistic world view. Evidently, THEY decide who can and cannot be judged, according to THEIR will, rather than GOD’S will. According to arrogant liberals, we can’t condemn a slut who has an abortion; or a homosexual butt-bandit; but on the other hand, we can not only condemn, but actually HATE individuals who want society governed according to God’s law. See John’s post below as an example of this type of hypocrisy. It’s classic left-wing hypocrisy - kind of like saying “There’s nobody I hate more than a hater!” LOL!