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Bible verses for us T-men

Ok, t-men, believe it or not, I know my bible too…and…Jesus said, “all things are permissable but not all are beneficial”. Get it? Drinking, drugs, premarital sex, etc are all permissible. But if they lead to things that would condemn you or that would lead to non-beneficial consequences, then they are not acceptable by God. So NO ONE can condemn the actions of others based on hard and fast rules of conduct. We all know personally what is beneficial for us and what is not. And if we stray from this or kid ourselves about this, only one can evaluate us…God. I really hate those individuals that think religion is a black and white set of rules. ALL is permissible but not all is beneficial. What’s beneficial for one may be detrimental for another. And this is between you and God only. And you cant fool yourself or Him about that!