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Bible = Bullshit

…according to Penn and Teller anyway: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=3593866248238036452&q=a+hepful+hand

The thing is it’s pretty easy to seem very smart and very right when you’re the host of the TV show and the only opposition you let on with you isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer.

Anyway, I thought you guys might find this interesting since you like arguing about religion so much.


nooooo, what have you unleashed? he’s just kidding. you don’t want to talk about it(waving hand in jedi manner).

I saw an episode of Penn and Teller… It was about Gun Control.

As much as I agreed with the point they made, I thought they were fairly stupid and didn’t present their point well.

Ugh, more of this shit.

I’m not religious, but I’m not going around telling people the Bible is bullshit. Religion is a matter of faith, you can’t prove or disprove that. Everything else is gravy. True Christians place a lot more faith in Jesus and in their praying than in people and what they produce on Earth.

I will.

That’ll get them!

I think the 2 best points in there are the fact that the composition of the bible is basically arbitrary, and that reading the bible is the quickest path to atheism/agnosticism. I know I stopped believeing christianity when I started reading the bible (got about half way through, then school started and I left off) though I wasn’t real hardcore about it to begin with.


Why? Why? Why?

[quote]vroom wrote:

Why? Why? Why?[/quote]

its a vicious circle of life that never ends mate.