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Bible Belt: HIghest Divorce Rate


No surprise here..


That must mean there is no God.

Damn, wtf have I been wasting all my time the last 35 years for?

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Well, we do have the 2nd highest marriage rate.



Now if only Trib and Pat can get aboard I will consider my life complete


Did you even read the report or the census data?

So the south is not only cheaper to live in people get married younger at a much higher rate and have less stuff. Also some of the marriage data...they are a little bit unclear on the historical data comes before 2007 and New Jersey didn't have no fault divorce until then.


Also ignored in the rush to Hulk-Smash Christians is the absence of any indication of whether those getting divorces are genuinely religious, church-going types in the first place, or those who just check the "Christian" box on whatever survey it is because they identify as a Christian more through a need to fit in with their community than out of any real convictions.

On top of that, this article is comprised of some duuuuuuuumb journalism.

People moving in together before marriage increases marriage stability? It must just be some astronomically unlikely statistical fluke that back when almost NOBODY lived together before marriages the divorce rate was as low as it has ever been.

I don't even understand how the third point is meant to apply as a percentage.

And you can just feel the derision oozing from the authors pen in the description of the first point.

Good stuff.


This could be fun.

According to the article, they get married at a higher rate due to religion (since this is PWI, I will be nice) and early pregnancies (guess that abstinence thing doesn't always work out as planned).

Then they get divorced at a higher rate due to the fact they are poor.


The live in a certain area. That's as far as the assumption should go.

Unless you can show that the divorces are occurring specifically among church-going, Jesus is Lord proclaiming type folk, this whole thread is just an excuse to shit all over Christians.

Very classy.


You must be tired. More typos than usual. :wink:

It will be interesting to see if the OP keeps it up.


Shit I'd argue it means that Christians are more intelligent. Marriage fucking sucks.


Too bad they didn't include cohabitation 'divorce,' "I'm moving out."


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Hey, as of now, you have 93 post since 2007. If you can go the distance and aren't just trolling, I will be impressed.

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Nah, it was just hard to see straight through my righteous rage.


And they say conservatives have no sense of humor.

While I don't agree with much of what you write, I do appreciate that I can understand your posts.

I honestly can't understand half of the posters here, but your posts are always well written and coherent.


Why aren't all of the poor people in New York getting married at a younger age? Could it be that they have no obligation due to religion?



Throwing "Bible" in to a description of a general region doesn't make Oklahoma Jesus.


There are young, married poor people in New York. There are young, single poor people in the "bible belt".

Don't be silly.


You are assuming divorce is worse somehow than single with an abortion or 2 under your belt.

What everyone is missing is that getting married and divorce can be the more Christianly thing. Married and divorced can be closer to a Christ-like life, than unmarried, sleeping around, and either getting abortions or on welfare with kids.

So, while divorce rates could be higher, that doesn't make it necessarily a less Christian place. You guys are actually counting never married prostitutes in New York as more Christian than a divorced woman in the south. It's simply not true.