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Bible Belt: HIghest Crime Rate



No surprise here....


Well, we do have the bulk of poor minorities....

Or, were you aiming for a different correlation?


Why not just start a general thread titled "Christians Suck?"


I'm gettin there


Save your breath. Pick any thread involving philosophy or physics.


ala carte




cause detroit is a safe place to walk around too.......


oh crap, having poor ghetto shit holes and crime correlate? who knew....!!


I blame it on the carpetbaggers


Another one?


Unless you can provide some evidence that high crime is directly related to Christianity or its teachings, I'd say your just on a bashing mission based on your own personal hate.


He's providing evidence that diluted false Christianity that leaves men dead, but religious has no transformoing effect on individuals and hence the society they comprise. I hope he keeps it up. The church needs to listen. The remnant of the true Church will and is. This is primarily about artificial protestantism in this case Pat so no need to bloody up your forehead in this childish quest to resist ever talking to me again. You would never get one single "I told ya so" from me if you did btw. All this strife between us never needed to happen in the first place.


Yeah.....not seeing it. All I see is a map with clickable state-by-state data. So could you please link where they have the stats compared by region? Not sure where to find it.

I mean, if you want to play games here, you can look at California by itself and say that it is, by itself, worse off than most of the bible belt. It also depends on what states considered "bible belt" specifically, since that can vary as well. Or that between it and New York alone they have a higher crime rate than ______. It all depends on what parameters you want to play with and cherry pick. For instance, the biggest prison in Kansas is Leavenworth....but Leavenworth is a central primary pen for military prisoners too, and people from all OVER the US (especially military) are shipped there to serve their time, increasing the % incarcerated over the actual crime rate of criminal acts occurring in KS. Particularly in a state with such a small overall population. So, what relevance?



I still want to know what geographic location has to do with Christianity.

If you are going to bash a faith at least make sense.


I mean you do realize all you are doing is making athiests look like retards right?


See, the OP's article shows that Christians make bad criminals. They obviously are honest people that get caught because they are poor liars and such.

Correlation proves nothing.


It looks like the Bible Belt is located in a very low income region of the US. Why is that the place that's considered the Bible belt?


While this wasn't directly what I was referring to it certainly is a symptom of the decaying worldly western, but especially American church. Multitudes calling themselves by the name of the holy Lamb of God give the world no reason to believe there's anything different about us than them because to them... there isn't. When a person has been raised from death to life and indwelt by the Spirit of the most high God it is not possible for nobody to notice. When someone thinks, looks, talks and acts no different than this corrupt world it's usually because they are still dead in their trespasses and sin.

My pastor quotes stats all the time that this Ironcross guy should get his hands on. The rates of just about every form of crime and carnality there is are just about the same inside the (visible) "church" as in the world. No point denying it. It's a fact. A fact that says nothing about the truth of the gospel, but simply exposes apostasy in statistical form. Christ is the power of God unto salvation. That will never change. What HAS changed is what is now accepted as representing Christ.