BHB Salts Question

Hello. I’m new here. I eat Keto and have been since end of May 2017. I read your post about BHB/Keto salts and I agree wholeheartedly that you need to change your lifestyle and eating habits rather than rely on injested ketones. However, what are your thoughts if you eat Keto and “cheated” with a work happy hour? Do you think taking the BHB salts at that time are okay?

Thank you!

Not sure who your post is directed to, but I do know using exogenous ketones following a cheat is worthless. It doesn’t force your body to go into ketosis when glycogen is still in your system, in fact it will delay the process. Despite some of the marketing claims, BHB is primarily designed to be used when you are fat adapted and need an extra boost around workouts and/or when in a diet and feeling like crap. In other words, it affords you the type of energy (plus additional cognitive benefits) as someone using carbs. Some folks will go a step further and suggest it is in fact superior to carbs because ketones are a more efficient fuel. Regardless, the upshot is using them to register ketosis after eating/drinking crap is simply a waste of money.