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I have been doing the BFS workout for the past 4 years and i was wondering if anyone knows of some better workouts for athletes. Dont get me wrong, i enjoy this workout, but i dont get the types of gains i would hope to get from the time i put in. I train for college football. I have been sticking to a good diet recently (high protein, high carbs, low fat) and i take, what i feel, is good amount of supplements. I am taking 1-ad, 4-ad, protein and creatine. All help would be greatly apprectiated.


In my opinion, BFS is ok for beginners and young athletes but if you want to do some serious training check out www.elitefts.com and read some of the articles there on training for football. Also, check out www.defrancostraining.com this is another great resource for athletes. Start reading and then start doing.


Thank you for that help. I liked everything i read in the articles on DeFranco’s training methods. My only problem is that i am almost clueless on that style lifting plan. I am used to the 3 day-a-week, doing core exercises and then auxilaries. And i have the BFS core schedule set out in front of me on when to do it. I would just like it if i could somehow get more clarification and what lifts to do on what days. Once again thank you very much for your help.

bfs is a good beginning plan and most programs seem to have been developed from bfs. but it has some major flaws. one your reps vary every week but they are on 4 week schedule and the gains are minimual. two if you do olympic lifts they have snatch on monday but after you bench and squat, a big mistake and only two sets of it, clean should always be done before deadlift. when you do deadlift use a snatch grip or off a 4 inch box. if your doing box squat make sure you’re changing heights or sticking to a low box. you should switch box and front squat around too and power clean with hang clean. there are a lot more you can do with bfs if you want to stick with it. put in bands or chains or both for some weeks and switch exercises around. instead of towel bench substitute incline or reverse bench. just my opinion good luck and i recommend checking out the westside lifting method.

You can also check out inno-sport.net.They have a few interesting articles on improving speed,power and strength.Also workout templates to utilize and a forum to pick the brains of some of their trainers including DB Hammer who wrote “The Sports Book;Best Training Ever.”