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BFR Training and 30-10-30

Dr. Darden, have you ever combined blood flow restriction training with any of your programs? I’m thinking that the theories on metabolites rush post BFR and eccentric damage/stretch would combine well. Of course would still need to stay within BFR loading parameters.
Related, as a 49yr old former contact sport athlete (football/boxing) and heavy lifter in 20’s, I’m pretty beat up joint-wise, including multiple surgeries. I just get injured on one set 8-12 rep set to failure using the weight required for failure, so I’m thinking BFR could get me to failure without the joint impact. Very much appreciate your thoughts.

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Yes. I’ve tried something I call Holds. Take about 80% of what you’d normally do for 10 reps. Then, hold in the mid-range for a count of 20 seconds. Do 5 or 6 normal reps. And hold in the mid-range for 10 seconds . . . and finish with another 5 or 6 normal reps.

You’ll get a heck of a pump afterward with Holds.

Holds will supply a similar feeling as 30-10-30.

Very much appreciated. I’ll give holds a try. 30-10-30 is very effective. As mentioned, I am experimenting with combining it with BFR. So far, the visual results are better than I expected. Not sure on whether any effect on max strength though (hard for me to test without getting injured).

I’ve been doing one BFR day per week for quads since my knees are banged up enough that like you a set of 8-12 to failure just isn’t an option. I’m happy with the results so far. I’ve been using a 30-15-15-15 rep protocol with just 30s rest. It really sucks while doing it but at least it is over quickly. I think the holds Dr. Darden describes would probably kill me. :slight_smile: