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Hi CT,Im new to this site and forum looking for a routine to use.I noticed a few threads on one that caught my eye the Built for bad routine.I saw two different rep schemes,the one in the article where you do the 5,4,3,2,1 and also saw one in the forum where you do

Circuit 1: 60% for 5 reps with slow eccentric
Circuit 2 70% for 5 reps with slow eccentric
Circuit 3: 80% for 5 normal reps
Circuit 4: 82-85% for 4 normal reps
Circuit 5: 87-90% for 3 normal reps
Circuit 6: 70% for 6-8 normal reps

was wondering would it be ok to do one for the 6 weeks have a short break then do the other? also are there any other rep schemes you would recomend for this routine.thanks in advance


I guess ill just have to work it out myself thanks anyway and for your great routines


hey mate I had the same question but no one seems to want to help,but id say have a good look around the forum im sure there be a answer some where


If you do that, start with the second scheme (the one you posted in your question). See it as an "accumulation" phase then do the "intensification" phase (5-4-3-2-1). But 12 weeks is a LONG time to be on BfB. I recommend 4 weeks of each with a 1 week deload in between.


Will do thanks CT,this programe seems poppular and I will post up results as I go,thanks again