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BFA Your Back!

Baby Faced Assasin!!! Hey dude, where ya been hiding? - Oh this is a steroid forum… Ok what are ya on?
BTW that photo you sent of yourself working out had a virus. It burned out my moniter and shut down my harddrive when I booted it up. Last thing it did was give an error message:
“uglefker404” Not being a computer genious I didn’t understand it. Maybe it a server in Germany or something.

Hopefully it wasn’t just a one time visit…

BFA has finished the mission “God sent me on” and has now returned to where he belongs.

Of course the question of why “God” would send a man on a 'round the world tour to experience sex with all of the global varieties of ungulates is beyond me.

Crazy fucker, that God guy.

Baby Faced Assasin, nice to see you Brother!..we gonna get the Friday funnies here now?

“You know, a long time ago being crazy meant something. Nowadays everybody’s crazy”

~ Charles Manson

Welcom back BFA

BFA not baby faced assassin…BEEN FUCKING ABSENT. Your not back on the juice again are you?

lol ru. good one. welcome back bro!

Yea im back on a somewhat limited basis.

So let the Necro-goat-pee-pee- masturbation-dead-midget-poo-flingin fun begin.

Is MBE still around???

ummm for the record, i never flung any poo. lol. so are you “on” bro? if so, what?

I thought he was talking about 'Twelvenme. LOL

One of these days Horseman I am gonna TWELVE you alright. OHHH BOY am I gonna TWELVE you. RIGHT BETWEEN THOSE ASS CHEEKS!!!

We’ve already been through this Twelvenme; you’d need a stepladder and balls of heat-treated titanium to get anywhere near this - and then you’d never get away alive.

Just because you can sit there day after day and practice your perversions on the bevy of defenseless stuffed animals you and P-Dog pass back and forth doesn’t mean those same ‘skills’ will transfer to a real world situation.

600mg porp and 350mg tren a week right now Prolly throw in some eq in a bit

bfa is the tren making you want to fuck a tree like last time you used it?lol

BFA…sadly Monkeyboy Eric succumbed to a sexually transmitted disease.

I know what you are thinking: “Geez 'Cake, I thought death from syphilis, herpes and whatnot stopped with the advent of penicillin by Alexander Fleming in 1929, even though large-scale production and use of anti-biotics did not take place until 1943”?

Good question my youthful-countenanced liquidator, see MBE did not perish at the hand of traditional viral STD’s.

It was crabs.

Really, really BIG ONES.


“I have Social Disease. I have to go out every night. If I stay home one night I start spreading rumors to my dogs”

~ Andy Warhol

Hey just because you KILL animals and stuff them does not mean that I would not get away either. I would hit it so fast you would’nt have a clue. Then once it started, you would’nt want to stop. If I fucked you…Hell,you would NEVER go back to women. Tell that to your owl while getting a beakjob.

yeah cake is right. mbe came back as monkey boy itch. then he died.

I gotta be honest, im a little scared to be in this thread with RU and warhorse. I have a feeling a missed a conversation that would have allowed me to understand what you guys are talking about. lol

Anybody ever hear from Rainbow??

Everybody thinks P22 is rainbow. But I don’t think so anymore. BFA good to see ya around. Email me or PM when ya get a chance. Just make sure you don’t send any pictures with viruses again. I’d like to hear how your job improvements went and whether or not you got divorced yet.

I still have not heard from Rainbow. I have tried to E mail him. If anybody still has his real last name and known address I would appreciate if you would share it with me. I am going to Michigan in a few weeks and he lived where I grew up and I would like to try and find him. I talked to him once on the phone when he was having his “Problem”. I had it at one time but deleted it after I no longer needed it for “Safety” purposes. I got an e mail in August 03 from him that was short and brief and that was it. Have not heard from him since. I believe his e mail is still working because it does not get returned to me. BFA sorry to hear about you getting divorced. Glad to see you’re back and yes you have missed alot since you have been gone.

BFA - you didn’t seriously get divorced already did you?

And don’t mind me and RU12NVME, we’re working through some issues together I guess :wink: