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Without using any devices or calipers, how can you estimate your bf % by mirror? Are there things to look for e.g. definition in the shoulders, etc. at certain bf % levels?



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Who gives a fuck, if you really want to know get tested.

When looking in a mirror your either shredded, very lean, lean, descent, a bit fat, fat, or obese.

thread closed!


I barely even check any threads anymore because of topics like this.


They are not even worth commenting/flaming on because the questions are so dumb and trollish.


hey man. seems like people dont wanna take your question seriously, but il answer. if you dont have access to any "devices" or calipers but want to know your bodyfat by 'simply looking in the mirror' heres what you do:

  1. brace your hands onto the side of the mirror.
  2. tilt your head back.
  3. then slam your head into the mirror.
  4. then quickly drop to the floor and pump out a set of pushups.
  5. 1-4 pushups is approx. 17+ bodyfat.
  6. 5-9 pushups is approx. 10-16%
  7. 10+ pushups is approx. sub 10%

Hope that helps.


I'm sorry, but this is hilarious...


This method works very well. However, what if you can touch your scotum to your clavical?


Stretchy skin syndrome? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0PlwgJ2q6o


The question is not what's pathetic about this thread.


As a rule of thumb, I had heard previously that to see your abs you usually have to be around < 10% bodyfat. Hope this helps.


Yeah, this is what I've heard as well. And obviously, the glutes are the last body part to drop fat/water.
But, everybody's body stores fat very differently, which is mostly why this thread is getting flamed, but it's really not all that ridiculous of a question. Damn, guys...


I agree. A simple "no" would suffice, no reason to take ones frustration out on a new member... save that shit for obvious trolls.


new member, i'm sorry. i hope you become an intricate part of the T-Nation family, we do secret Santa every year, last year i got Prof X a Boflex.


Except the question was a stupid question.

Who cares what the number is? It just doesn't matter.

If you're happy with your level of fatness or progress you're making w.r.t. fatness, great. If you're not, change what you're doing. You don't need anything other than a mirror and a scale, because the exact BF% number in and of itself doesn't matter one shit.

BF% is a lot like IQ: would you suddenly feel smarter if you learned your IQ was 140? Would you feel dumber if you learned it was 80? If you're not happy with your fatness now, do you think you would change your mind if you learned you're exactly 18.91% BF?


^ x2 it really doesn't matter, and honestly it really would only matter if you knew it exactly anyways, so a guess is nothing more than an observation, nothing scientific...





That's actually my preferred method.. I think I got it from some Poliquin article a while back...



Must I remind everyone to hold up a shoe whilst looking at yourself in the mirror? I thought that would have been said by now.