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BF Measuring Device?


A mirror and a measuring tape are probably your best tools for practical body fat testing. The amount of error in many of the body fat measuring tools on the market make much of them useless. Giving you some arbitrary number isn’t going to mean much, but a mirror and a measuring tape will.

If your waist measurement is going down, you are losing fat. If you look better in the mirror you are losing fat. It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Foot locker.

yeah man, i just use measuring tape and take about 5 measurements throw in some weight and height and your set lol. the calculator i like is on this site:

some other sites only ask for 2 measurements or something and i get a 2.7% difference…pretty significant.

You could get an electrical impedance tanita scale for like 70 bucks. Although that method isn’t very accurate.

Next step up would be a Lang bodyfat Caliper. Get one on ebay for like 200 bucks i bet. Those are the calipers they use at universities like cambridge and such.

Or you could always just go to your local university’s sports science department and see about getting dunk-tanked for free. They always need people for the kinesiology students to practice on.

Ask eliteballa.