BF% Loss while injured

I have a bit of a dilemma, I am 24 6"2 and 20% BF.
I have trained consitently for about 5 years and mainly on functional strength.
Which means I have never had great gains but always been about 8-10% BF.
During the winter months I don’t restrict my diet I only make sure I consume about 200g+ of protein and when the summer comes I really start cutting up usually with stacks of interval traing and low carbs. But this is where my dilemma occurs, about 3 months ago I discoverd I had severe damage & inflamation to my knee’s (Anterior Cruciate Ligamanet). Mainly due to work (i.e Lifting), this means I can’t do any interval training or lower body work.
So could anybody reccomend a weigth based workout with no lower body work that will help me shred my BF to single digit levels. Thanks!

It’s mostly going to come down to your diet of course, but I suppose you could take shorter rest periods in the upper body work and maybe use some intensity techniques like drop sets to get the old heart beating.

cheers davo2.

you could do some grab drills. They are outlined in christian thibadeau’s mega shoulder glider 2004 article.

In addition to doing “sprints” and distance training, I also have done rotational work, by using my feet as a pivot point and going around in circles both ways.

the distance work really gets the heart rate up there, and also works the abs. get yourself a frisbee or protein top and go to town. I have found also that on a hardwood floor, a towel works quite well and doesn’t scratch it up. Good luck.