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BF% Estimate? (M/18/183cm/64kg)

Hey there. I know that i definitely need to keep on bulking but i would like to know what bf% you think i am right now… 183cm 64kg


Vascularity in forearms and lower abs but not in bicep. Weird.


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I would say 27% ±1%.

Is this useful?

I’ll try another one.

I would say 7%.Is that more useful?

How about 11%? Could you find a way to use that number?

Nope. No answer I can give you is remotely useful outside of granting you the ability to tell your friends ‘I’m X% bodyfat, the internet said so!’

Now hold up a shoe.


This is the only thing you need to worry about at the moment.

Hit the gym consistently, eat in a calorie surplus, and recover. This is assuming you intend on adding some mass to your frame.

Nobody cares if you have a skinny-boy 6 pack. My 8 year old cousin has a skinny-boy 6 pack…

Hard to tell without a shoe
Edit: damnit @flipcollar beat me to it

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