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BF Estimate and Bulk or Cut?


I know I might get flamed for a thread like this, and I think I already know the answer but anyway, can I get BF estimates and should I bulk now or try to cut and then bulk?

I am 5 feet 11 at around 177-180lbs. Got 14 inch arms, 22inch thighs, can squat 275 for 1rep, bench 150 for 1rep, military press 130 for 1rep and do around 13 neutral grip chin ups.

Any help is appreciated


You should get stronger first. dont cut and dont "bulk" (binge like an idiot). Eat enough to get stronger.

On a side note, your bench is weak compared to your press, I have noticed that it's frequent with people with long arm.




somewhere between 15-20%. who cares about body fat percentage though? are you satisfied with your muscularity? no? start building some muscle then.

honestly if you cut now, you wouldn't be particularly muscular, so you should concentrate on building muscle. worry about cutting when you actually have some appreciable muscle mass to show for.

good luck.


Good advice, look into increasing carbs around workout and breakfast the day after lifting. For the rest of your meals focus on quality protein, veggies, healthy fats, some fruit (particularly berries). For your carb meals oats, sweet potatoes, quinoa, and rice are your best bets.

Strengthen your back, particularly horizontal rowing. Dumbell rows with a 2 second hold at the top work well for this. Also if you can do pullups, do them (better than chins for your stabilizer muscles). Shrug your shoulders when you bench and push yourself away from the bar.

That is my guess too.


Yep. Get yourself on a good program. Clean up your diet. Once you've done those two things, come back and ask specific questions again.